Monday, August 27, 2012

Somebody Make Her Stop

My little baby Sylvie is 7 weeks old today. How did that happen? I'm telling you she's growing too fast. She's this close to being too big for her newborn clothes and diapers. She might as well just rip my heart out. Ok it's not THAT bad... but would it hurt to just let me have my tiny baby for just a little while longer? She doesn't need to STOP growing just do it SLOWER.

Everyday Sylvie changes and gets bigger. Her chubby cheeks get chubbier and her eyes get bluer and her smiles more frequent. It seems ridiculous to me now that I was afraid of the baby stage. "What do I do with a baby? Babies are kind of boring." Now I know. What do you do with babies? You cuddle the bejeezus out of them while they'll still let you. You wrap them in a snuggly blanket and put them on your chest and stare at them for hours. There's nothing like her smell (I never liked baby smell before now) and when she pulls her legs up under her and nuzzles into you, your body becomes a pile of melted goo, making it impossible to allow anyone else to hold her.

Sylvie loves her toy zebra and I love watching her look at it!
Then there's the other side her. The side of her where I think, "This adorable baby must be a troll in disguise." The bodily functions and their corresponding noises are impressive. The farting. And pooping. I can't believe the volume (both audible and physical). Then there are the noises... it's not all cooing my friends. There are growls and grunts and other noises that more closely resemble a ferocious velociraptor than a sweet little baby. And I have to say, all these troll-like traits are very adorable.

For those of you out there debating whether or not to have kids I have to tell you one thing. They weren't lying. It IS different when it's your own kid. Like a million bajillion times different. As in... you can't even compare how you feel about other people's kids to how you'll feel about your own. There really isn't anything like it.


Rachel said...

Love it. Love that baby. Love you as a mama. Love it all.

heidi said...

How is it possible for your Sylvie to be so, so cute in so many different ways??!

I kind of want her to stay looking like she does, wearing what looks like a little Eskimo hoodie, forever. So, so fetching. Would that be a look to try to carry off forever? Would it, could it ever get old? Like, say--when she goes to prom? I say no.

Also, the idea of baby love being a bajillion times different when it's your own frightens me. There are many children I love a lot--to love them a million times more sounds amazing, but, also, terrifying--how would one ever feel comfortable again, in a world that could so easily hurt your fragile precious vulnerable child?

Seems like a recipe for wonder, joy, and... terror.

But--some compensating cuteness, as well. ;D

Love You!

Budsly said...

She definitely is a cutie.Don't despair, with each stage comes new awesome stuff to look forward to, babbling, laughing, rolling, crawling, walking, climbing,feeding, just the discovering things around them is fun to see, and their personalities develop. If she didn't grow, she wouldn't have the cute chub!

Samantha Thomas said...

I'm so proud of you momma! You are doing such a wonderful job! She is adorable! I am sure one day soon I will know what you are talking about... in the mean time I keep spoiling my neices and nephews! My husband calls it my "Baby Fix"

heidi said...

Did your plea work?

Did somebody make her stop growing QUITE so fast??