Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's in My Blood

Seth and I have been struggling to find fun ways to spend hot weekend days with Sylvie in tow. We started out yesterday by going for a walk on the Weber Parkway, but it was quickly getting too hot for baby so we jumped back in the truck and started to cruise around Ogden. As we neared 25th Street we thought maybe we should check out the farmer's market. The old Union Station is at the end of 25th Street and Seth thought he saw a sign in front of it that said the market was there, so we parked and walked over. Turns out the market was all along 25th Street, but Union Station had something better... TRAINS! and SHADE!

I'm on a train!
 I don't know if it's because of all the train engineers in the family or what, but I love trains. I've driven past Union Station about a million times but had never actually been there. We were both surprised at how cool it was! There were several old trains parked outside that you could climb on and look in and the station inside was beautiful. There are also three different museums inside but we didn't make it to those this time. Looks like we've got something to do next weekend!

An old caboose

This engine was super-sized. It was strong enough to pull a 7 mile long train of fully-loaded cars!

The wheels on this train were as big as me!

Inside the station

An old Air Force train


Denise said...

Ok, this will really date me. I remember my dad taking us down to Union Station and we would watch the passenger trains come in. I remember I liked watching all the people come off the train. That room in the station would be full of people coming and going. Anyway good memories.

thebluemuse said...

Awesome pictures!!