Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letters to Sylvie: 7 Months

Dear Sylvie,

This last month has been pretty eventful for you. There's been so many new things for you to experience and you've embraced them whole-heartedly. I continue to be amazed at how easy-going and happy you are no matter what the situation.

We were stuck inside for more days than usual this month because it's been so cold and snowy. It's tough to take you out when it's 15 degrees during the day and there's so much ice and snow on the ground. But, we found a way around it, namely we've made use of the chest pack carrier. I put you in a little snowsuit one day and loaded you into the carrier. When I looked in the mirror to see how you were doing, you were all smiles and looked more than ready to head outside. Then I decided to try out your new sunglasses. I slipped them over your head and into place and then died from the cuteness. You seemed to think you looked pretty cool and had a huge smile on your face. After I got done looking at your adorable face, we went out for a walk around the neighborhood. You were completely content the whole time and didn't so much as whimper, even when the breeze was a little chilly. You love to get outside and do new things. You're always up for adventure.

Lately you've become a little rolling machine. You're getting very good at maneuvering yourself over to a toy you want. We'll set you on the floor on a blanket and you'll roll all over the place. Usually you'll end up getting stuck against a piece of furniture and get upset so we'll have to "reset" you back in the middle of the blanket. You're like a little Roomba without the dirt removal capabilities. You've also found out that hitting two objects together makes a fun noise. You like to bang two toys together, especially when one of them is your rattle.

These days you are completely obsessed with your feet. You always have to be grabbing at least one of them and bonus if you can put one in your mouth. I'm pretty sure all your socks and pajamas are going to end up with huge clown feet from you pulling on them all the time.

Eating is also one of your new favorite pastimes. So far you've tried carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, and peas. You've loved everything but peas, but will still eat them. I love to feed you because you look so darn cute doing it. You'll open and close your mouth on the spoon several times and make "mmm" noises. Sometimes I get a happy squeal or two. Then you'll laugh as I dab your messy face with a cloth. I just laugh and laugh. (forgive the crappy video quality)

I think you're also starting to become more accustomed to other people. Over the last couple months when anyone would try to talk to you or hold you you'd start crying. But, over the last month we've had several visitors to our house and you now seem to enjoy being around lots of people and interacting with new faces. It makes me happy to see you with your grandparents and other relatives. Everyone loves to be around you.

I mentioned before about how happy you are. The laughs seem to come easier and easier by the day and I never tire of hearing that sweet sound. I got the hiccups the other day just as I began to change your diaper and you thought it was the most hilarious thing ever:

 (This is just a sound clip...this is the only way I could figure out how to play it)

Sylvie I love being your mommy. You bring so much light and joy into my life. I love you huggy buggy.
Love, Mama


Rachel said...

"You're like a little Roomba without the dirt removal capabilities." -- lol!

What an adorable child. Love her so.