Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hurry! You don't have much time!

Ok everyone... do you realize today is exactly 3 months til my birthday!? I hope you've already started planning. In fact if you haven't gotten me something already you're WAY behind. I'll be able to tell if you go out and get me a last minute gift. And you better be really quiet about the surprise party because I'll be really ticked if I find out about it.


It's Me said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GOOBER! So, what types of awesome gift are on the Karen wish list?

Karen said...

Lol you like it! I pretty much want anything that's really expensive. :D

heidi said...

You know who's very very quickly and urgently running out of time? YOU! Because MY birthday is LESS than TWO MONTHS away!
I told my dad today that I want a composter so if that's what you already got me, RETURN it! :)

What I REALLY need is that $18,000 Yamaha baby grand piano I sent you that ad for. SET UP AND DELIVERY INCLUDED! WHAT A STEAL! That's at LEAST a $150 value!

Or maybe another PIANO BOOKS BOOKSHELF. I mean, for piano books. If that wasn't clear. Although I think Paul said something about moving out if I get any more bookshelves... Just kidding. I think it was more like, I can get another bookshelf, it'll just have to go next to the TOILET.

I had one more idea but I forgot.

Collettey said she'd give me a makeup-makeover for my birthday! Hooray.

Also: HURRY!