Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Quickie

Can I just say that I really really hate cutting my fingernails? You'd think I'd like it seeing as how I used to bite my nails as a kid and loved to see them when they actually grew. Not now. I wish they would stay the exact same perfect length all the time. It seems like they get huge overnight.

It's not so much the clipping I hate... but the filing. Eck. I hate filing my nails. It feels gross and smells gross and it's just annoying. Am I weird? Probably. The main thing that bothers me about it is that I can't put it off and just not do it. I can't function with these enormous velociraptor talons. They start to make a clicking sound when I type on the computer and my fingers slide all over the piano keys and make me mess up when I play. Then they inevitably get caught on something and bend backwards or tear off and it hurts like hell.

I realize this post is a tad on the gross/whiny/who cares side. Oh well... now you know what this great mind thinks about during the off times.


It's Me said...

That pic gives me the creeps...
that is all. :)

heidi said...

How'd you EVER find that AWESOME picture??

What I hate is keeping up with my TOE nails. That's the sort of exhilarating thing I'm thinking about right now! You know what they say:

"Great minds think alike, and have trouble playing the piano with long fingernails."

Rachel said...

"enormous velociraptor talons"

Allison Claire said...

I love to see Freddy on the side of my blog at Easter time. He brings lots of happiness and cheer. lol :P But seriously, I think you should start getting manicures somewhere, have somebody else do it! Problem solved! :)

Karen said...

The only thing worse than giving myself a manicure is PAYING someone else to do it... they never do it as good as me :D Although a pedicure is a whole different story!