Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Down the Home Stretch

After trying on and off for several years to get his Bachelors Degree, Seth is finally going to graduate this week. He's been working so hard and studying a lot during this last year. I can't believe how well he's done. This week he's got a couple tests and a very large paper due so he'll be busy up until the very last day of the semester. I just wanted to let him know how proud I am of him. I know he's going to finish strong and come this time next week, he'll finally have that piece of paper in his hand. Job well done, sweetie! I knew you could do it!


heidi said...

YAY SETH! I have such a hard time, meself, with those long-term projects. I'm great at mustering a bunch of energy all at once... but plodding along (seemingly endlessly at times) is so hard.

I can't wait to get fully "analyzed" by a fully-Bachelored Seth.

Congrats! To you both. You make a great team, and, I know, Seth could never have done it without all the good feeding-up, right?