Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's Special Aug. 9-15th

I'm a little torn as to how I should do these posts. On one hand, I'd like to plan out my meals for the week and post them early. On the other hand, I rarely do these posts until the middle of the week because I'm not usually that dedicated at planning. Plus, I'd like to provide feedback on some of the new recipes I make so you know whether they're good or not. I don't know that there's any of you who run out and get all the stuff for every recipe I post, right when I post it, but still, I hate posting recipes that may not live up to my standards. No sense in both of us wasting money on sub-par food. So I guess what I'm saying is, I may slightly alter my recipe posting schedule. I know this is going to completely turn your lives upside-down.

On to this weeks' menu:

Sunday: Spinach & Four Cheese Stuffed Shells with French Bread -This recipe is actually originally for manicotti, but those pasta tubes are really hard to fill without tearing them. So I use the giant shells and use my cookie scoop to fill them. Much faster and easier. I this go-to recipe for spaghetti sauce.

Monday: Cereal. As in cold cereal.

Tuesday: Salmon Chowder with Peas This was a new recipe and although I was initially a little scared to eat it, it was really good! And it uses canned salmon which is pretty cheap. I doubled the recipe. See my comments under my username 'Pismo' on the Recipezaar link... I had to change the recipe slightly.

Wednesday: Spinach Stuffed Chicken with asparagus and Rice-a-roni. This was also a new recipe and I liked it a lot. I made it with frozen spinach because that's all I had. I also didn't use mushrooms because I didn't have any, though I'm sure it would've been even better had I used them.

Thursday: Taco Bake (aka Mexican Mac & Cheese) This was a new recipe and it turned out really good! Not exactly healthy, but tasty.

Friday: Leftovers