Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing Really

So I've been in the blogging mood these last few days, but I've got a little bit of writer's block. So I'll just ramble about nothing for a minute.

For any of you who were curious, I didn't win anything for my Sarah Palin costume at work. Big jerk faces. I probably just didn't campaign hard enough. Several supporters have voiced their disappointment & surprise at my loss. I think maybe it's best I take some time off and concentrate on my family and work on my book. There's more fame and fortune true happiness in that anyway.

Also, I've got this weird phenomenon going on with me. I've been drinking water pretty regularly now for the last few months. Before this I didn't drink much of anything and I didn't ever feel thirsty. Now whenever I drink water it makes me more thirsty. I could drink my whole bottle of water and still feel extremely thirsty. How is that possible? I mean it wouldn't be so bad if I could drink that much water and still be a productive member of society, but having to run to the bathroom every half hour gets little old. And then it makes people think I must have some kind of bowel issues. Which I don't. Really.

Lately we've been getting a lot of catalogs in the mail (OK there's only 3 and two of them were from Cabelas). Last night Seth told me I should go through them and circle everything in there that I liked so he could have some ideas for Christmas. I'm all for helping people figure out what to get for me, even though Seth always does a good job. Plus I'm usually surprised still because there's several items to choose from.

So I sat on the couch with my red Sharpie and started flipping through the pages. The L.L. Bean catalog was first and they had some cute hoodie jackets in there but they were like $50! $50 for a hoodie? That's insane! So I went on to the next catalog which was the Cabelas Christmas catalog. Of course I circled the camo bedspread set with matching curtains. And I was tempted to circle the meat and cheese sets or the pheasant roast, because they seriously looked really good. Then the sleeping bags looked really nice, but who wants to get a sleeping bag from their husband for Christmas? Turns out finding your own present is hard. I didn't make it to the last catalog which was the Cabelas Fly-Fishing Catalog. I think maybe there'll be something more my style in there, but we'll see. Other people always think of way better stuff to get me than I think of, and half the time they've made it themselves! I'm not very creative at gift giving. Well, actually, I wouldn't say I'm not very creative at gift giving, it's just that all the things I think of are way too expensive. I need to work on having cheaper taste in merchandise. Or expand my crafting abilities.


Holly said...

Isn't it funny how people can find better presents for you than you can for yourself?

Sorry to hear you didn't win for your awesome costume. :P