Friday, November 13, 2009

Of Course I Know What I'm Doing

I finally did it. I came up with the ultimate fish-killer fly setup. Sure, it might have taken me several hours of switching things up before I made my discovery, but I did it. I made this amazing discovery last weekend on the Weber River by Coalville. The sun was shining, the wind was calm and I found a nice deep riffle where I could tell the fish were sure to be hanging out, waiting for the next meal to come along.

I tied on a bright orange San Juan worm with a gold bead (#12 I think?) and a couple feet below that I tied on an olive Prince Nymph (I'd guess a #16). BAM! I got a nice fat 18" rainbow on my Prince Nymph. A couple more casts and BAM! a beautiful brown on the worm. One after the other I was catching big 'ol fish... a handful of rainbows, a brown and even a whitey. It was a great day.

Well I did what anybody else in my shoes would do in this situation... go back for more the next day! Same sunny nice weather, same hole, same flies. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The whole day.

So I found the secret fish-killer fly setup, but it only worked one time. It still counts, right? Although I can pretty much guarantee this will now be my go-to nymphing setup. That's what always happens. I had a lucky bite from a huge rainbow on a giant foam white and yellow Chernobyl Ant once. I was actually just using it as a strike indicator because it was the biggest thing in my box, but somehow it worked! Now it's my favorite fly. My "power fly." I've risked life and limb to rescue it from trees and bushes up high and deep in the water. I've only caught that one fish with it, but it's my lucky fly and I know one of these days it's got to work again... right?


Seth said...

Yes... once again the fish were fighting each other for the privilege of being caught by Karen while shunning my offerings with impressive indifference. And just in case you were wondering how many fish I caught while Karen was pioneering her new wonder nymphing set-up... oh yeah... that would be a big fat ZERO!