Monday, November 23, 2009

Visions of Pizzas

I had another Papa Murphy's dream last night. It's become a phenomenon I don't quite understand. Making pizzas was my very first job. I was 17, and to tell you the truth, making pizzas was one of the funnest jobs I've ever had. And I still have dreams about working there.

Actually the dreams are usually more like nightmares. I find myself out of a job and have to go back there to work or I go into a store on a busy night and stay to help them out because I feel sorry for them. There are always tons and tons of customers and everybody is getting pissed off because we're so backed up and can't make the pizzas fast enough. Or it's closing time and people just keep coming in.

Last night wasn't quite the nightmare the Papa Murphy's dreams usually are. I'd gone back there to work and I still had my same amazing pizza making skills. I was surprised that I could still remember what went in a calzone and how to roll the edges. And all of my old friends were there.

I've never had a dream about any of my other jobs. I've had people I work with appear in dreams, but I've never actually dreamed about being at work. Isn't that weird? And here I am, over 10 years later, still dreaming about making pizzas.


Budsly said...

I have dreams about my old jobs all the time. The worst nightmare I had was I was working back at the nursing home and there was a fire. I couldn't get everyone out, and I was walking through the rubble seeing all the chared bodies still in their beds. It was horrible, and I still remember it to this day.

It's nice to have a job where you have friends and work doesn't seem soo bad. A lot of people don't get that opportunity.

heidi said...

K, That is so weird! What a funny scenario to get lodged in your subconscious. It's just like life though, isn't it--you're helping someone out, out of the goodness of your heart, and everyone just gets all pissy about the details!

Poor Budsly! Her old job dream sounds AWFUL!