Monday, April 5, 2010

Retro-Active Fortune Cookies & the Women Who Love Them

We went to Boise this weekend to visit some wonderful friends of ours. There is more to come on that subject later as it deserves more thought and effort than two minutes of downloading pictures and a catch phrase. But I know you're all dying to see another post, so I thought this could serve as an appetizer for more to come.

Behold.... the Biggest Fish I've Ever Caught.
This is the shot equivalent to Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch. I looked a bit insane. I realized my tonsils were showing so I had Seth take a more refined, dignified shot.

THAT is a 20" rainbow my friends. Caught on a Green Hornet in Boise's own Boise River.

This was all pre-determined by a fortune cookie. A RETRO-ACTIVE fortune cookie I got at a fabulous Thai restaurant we went to that evening AFTER I caught the fish. This is the real life fortune in the flesh:

I KNOW, right? Those retro-active fortune cookies are crazy accurate.


Paul said...

Look at that freaking fish! I knew there was something special about Boise. I just had yet to identify it. Now if only there were something else good about this area ... something ... else ...

Ok, I had to delete my original comment because I forgot my winking emoticon.



heidi said...

Oh, he's just the cutest, isn't he?

I'm SO delighted you posted the so-called slightly "insane"-looking picture. You look so happy to have caught such an enormous fish.

It really is a tremendous fish.

And, it seems practically spooky to me that you got a FISH-related fortune. I've never seen or heard of such a thing before.

heidi said...

I need to apologize to Rachel, the grammar-lover. I've never seen NOR heard of such a thing before.

It's Me said...

That is sweet! The Gods are smiling down upon you. How awesome is that fortune cookie! Love it!

Budsly said...

You could feed an army with that fish! Nice job. It's a great feeling when things like that happen. I guess that makes up for not catching anything last week huh?

Holly said...

AWESOME fortune! Congrats on your fish!

Are you wearing your wedding ring? Aren't you worried about losing it?