Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 13: My Life in Shoes

This week I chose the 13 pairs of shoes in my closet that I wear the most. Some of these shoes I wear by choice, others are a requirement, but I wear them all for one thing or another.

1. I wear these shoes almost every week day. Not the cutest by any means, but I have to wear steel toed shoes to work and this was about the best of all the shoes I had to choose from. Yeah, they're a bit hashed.

2. These Asics were my first real running shoes. I still think they look hot and they're really comfortable. Sadly, they're at the end of their life, but I still like to walk or run in them on occasion.

3. These are currently my very favorite shoes to wear. They're easy to slip on and off and look good with everything. They are a metallic copper color, so they're not so boring as brown or black. Plus they were super cheap.

4. These are my "Danners." I wear these on any kind of outdoorsy excursion. They're also the shoes I wear as my spare when I go out fly fishing (gotta have some dry shoes to change into!)

5. These shoes are fairly new to my closet. I got them on the spur of the moment so I wouldn't have to wear my grubby work shoes on a date with Seth. Very similar to my copper flats which will need replacing soon anyway!

6. Of all these shoes, I probably wear these the least. Well, at least this time of year. That may change come summer time. Most of my nicer shoes (aka heels) aren't the best for wearing around all day as they start to give me blisters, so they don't come out of the closet too much.

7. I got these as replacements for my other running shoes. They're not the cutest with their Pepto pink color, but I wanted to try a "minimalist shoe" after reading "Born to Run" and I found these for cheap. So far they're working out great and the pink is actually growing on me.

8. These are my Simms fly fishing boots. I wear them just about every weekend. They've got the new Vibram rubber soles instead of felt and I love them!

9. These are my cowboy boots. I don't get to wear these much either, but they're really comfortable and I wear them any time I get a chance. No that's not real ostrich.

10. I wear these shoes anytime I need to do a lot of walking and/or socks are needed. They're my only pair of somewhat stylish shoes that I can wear socks with.

11. When I need to wear a nice pair of shoes, these are the ones I normally choose. They are fairly comfortable, look nice, and go with everything.

12. These are a second pair of steel-toed work shoes. I think they're cuter than my ugly clunky brown ones, but sadly they're less comfortable and are a bit too narrow for my feet and give me blisters.

13. Last, but not least... my stripey flats. I love these shoes. Like my copper flats, these go with almost everything and they're comfortable to walk around in. I got these as a spur of the moment necessity at Walmart a couple years back in Craig, CO. Sadly, they're starting to wear out and I have yet to find a replacement.


collette said...

Love the shoe post idea! You can tell so much about a person by the shoes they wear. Viva la Karen lifestyle.

I am Harriet said...

Oh wow- you sure have a variety of shoes. I think I actually only wear like 20% of my collection.

Have a great Thursday!

colleen said...

Makes me wonder what you do to need steel toed shoes. They all look very comfortable and I especially like your dress sandles.

Anonymous said...

I like your TT this week. I only have two pairs of shoes myself, my steel toed "sh*t kickers" for when I need to do heavy physical work, and my canvas sneakers for everything else.

It's Me said...

I am also curious...why steel-toed shoes st work?

Karen said...

I know the "what I do for a living" answer probably isn't as interesting as you'd hoped, but here goes:

I'm an R & D test technician at a company that manufactures medical x-ray tubes. The tubes I work with are really heavy... between 130-230 lbs. so if one falls off a stand or something, there goes my toes! Hasn't happened to me yet (thank goodness!) but the steel toes still come in handy for keeping all the engineers in line!

heidi said...

I think pair #10 is my favorite. Don't know why. They just charm me.

And, my curiosity about the steel-toed thing is nicely gratified, now. :)

Holly said...

You have wonderful shoes! This was such a fun Thursday 13!