Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday 13: Dreams

This weeks' Thursday 13 was a couple weeks in the making. I wrote down 13 dreams I've had lately.

1. I had permanent retainers on my top and bottom teeth. The retainers fell off and then my teeth started falling apart. I had fillings and crowns on all my teeth and they all started falling off and then suddenly I had braces and all this metal orthodontic stuff in my mouth that was falling off and I was bleeding and my mouth was just full of all this stuff and I was freaking out. So I went to the dentist but I was waiting and waiting all day but there were too many people so I couldn't get in and had to go home. But then I was kind of happy because I knew I'd get to call in sick the next day for work. I woke up before my teeth ever got fixed. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to pay a gigantic dentist bill. And that my teeth were still intact.

2. I'm in Las Vegas for some work related thing. I'm outside in the courtyard of one of the hotels and the sky is really dark and cloudy and it looks like there's going to be a big storm. All of a sudden there's this big gust of wind that blows all the clouds away in just a few seconds. Now it's sunny with blue skies. But then the storm comes back and it's so dense with storm clouds that they are near the ground and are more like shaving cream foam than mist. We all realize this is not a good sign and head for cover.

As I'm running for cover I realize I need to return my rental car because it's due back in just a couple hours. But on my way I'm captured by this group of drug dealers or something and they make me take them back to my room. My dad had given me this big assault rifle to take on my trip along with a big tough looking Harley style motorcycle. The drug dealers are here to take the gun and the motorcycle. I give them the gun hoping they won't shoot me and then they go outside to make a getaway on the bike. A minute later they come in pointing the gun at me telling me they can't start the bike and that I must know how to do it. I've never actually driven the motorcycle but remember it has a choke on it and figure maybe that's all it needs. So I straddle the bike, push the choke, hold down the clutch and pump the starter with my leg. The motorcycle fires right up and I suddenly get a crazy idea. The motorcycle is at the top of a circular stairwell and I speed off circling the stairs and somehow make it out the door without crashing or getting shot. I make it back to the rental car place just before it closes.

After that all I remember is walking around all the Vegas shops, first trying to decide what candy to buy... though I end up being partial to Red Vines and a bag of "fun size" Hershey candy bars. Then I decide to wander around the clothing stores and end up losing one of my hot pink alligator skin print high heels, so I'm walking around in just one shoe. I end up talking to a salesman that says that all my life's questions will be answered by running a marathon. I think he's full of crap and just trying to sell me some ugly workout clothes. I eventually find my other shoe and get back to my hotel with the candy, just in time to hang out with my friends.

3. I'm on vacation with Seth's family and we're staying in a big cabin in the woods. It turns out it's also kind of a hunting trip. Seth and I are in the basement of the cabin and looking up the long set of stairs we see a huge bull elk has wandered in the front door of the cabin and is standing right at the top of the stairs. He doesn't see us so I quickly get out the hunting rifle. I'm not nervous at all as I put the scope crosshairs right on his head and fire away. He drops like a rock and we run up the stairs to see our spoils. Seth's sister Collette is there and thinks it's cool I've shot my first elk. She asks me what we're going to do with it. I tell her we're not sure, but probably just cut it up into steaks and such and stock up the freezer. At this point I realize I never finished my Hunter Education class and I'm worried I'm going to get in trouble for shooting the elk, so I make everybody say it was Seth who shot it, just in case.

4. I'm sitting outside of a bar by a Pathfinder-ish car that's mine when a tough looking guy comes over with a pistol and tells me he's going to rob the place and I better keep my mouth shut. I guess I'm some sort of hostage, but we walk into the bar like nothing is going on and I quickly walk around telling the people who work there that the guy over there in the red and white t-shirt is going to rob them. Nobody calls the police or anything and they don't seem too alarmed. I end up going outside with the guy and a bunch of other people and the guy gets away in the Pathfinder without any money.

5. I'm feeling kind of sick so I go into my doctor's office to get checked out. I mainly just have a small cold so they give me a shot in my thigh right there in the lobby. I ask them if they can renew a prescription I have that my dermatologist gave me and they say they can't and I have to go back to a specialist. I'm a little bummed, but leave. I walk down the stairs outside the building to the parking lot and get in the car. I notice the dashboard has big piles of cinnamon collecting like dust around the vents. I decide I need to be more careful with my drinks I bring in the car because they're causing the mess.

6. I'm at my parents' house with my sisters, Corinne and Annie. There are dust devil type twisters inside the house (mostly in the main living area) and it's stormy, with dirt and papers and stuff blowing around. There are also "alien" type plants... plants that are very colorful and seem to have a mind of their own. We're kind of scared of them and stay away. Corinne ends up sitting there at one point scraping some sort of blue paste/goo off of something (screws maybe?) with a credit card and wipes it off into a big pile on her jeans... the goo is supposed to be for a sick neighbor to help her feel better. I think we end up taking cover in the basement where it's not so windy and stormy.

7. I notice Seth has a tattoo of Tweety Bird on his abdomen. I wonder why I've never noticed it before and am a little appalled that's what he chose. I thought he would've gone with something more manly and original. (I'm sure this dream was spurred by my Tattoo post the day before).

8. Seth and I are flying up the side of a snow covered mountain in a small helicopter (Seth is the pilot). We are low to the ground, site-seeing I think. As we come over the summit (which isn't very high) there is a small suburban type neighborhood. All of a sudden there are chunks of snow coming at us, kind of like if a large snowman exploded. It's too late for us to get out of the way so we fly directly into the snow chunks. The snow catches the helicopter propeller and sends us spinning out of control, almost in slow motion. We crash into the side of house and I'm panicked hoping Seth is ok. I'm completely fine and start pulling the siding off the house trying to dig him out. I quickly find him and he's ok. We get up and survey the damage. We're standing there talking for a while and finally some people from a nearby home come out and start chatting with us as if we were just out for a stroll and hadn't just crashed in a helicopter. The paramedics and/or police are never called and the incident is brushed aside as if it were some minor kink in our plans for the day. Sometime later on Corinne shows up and we're making smoothies. For some reason we end up washing long stemmed roses of varying colors in the dishwasher.

9. I'm at Ruby River with a bunch of my co-workers. My hair is wet as if I just got out of the shower so I try to find the restroom so I can dry it and try to make myself a little more presentable. I can't find the bathroom and ask a guy that works there where it is. He has no idea because he's never actually used it. I wander around for a while and finally find it. There are 2 bathrooms across the hall from each other, with only light blue curtains for doors, no signs as to which one is the women's. I choose the one on the right and go in. The bathroom stalls also only have curtains as doors and the toilets are really low to the ground. The toilet seats are made out of wood and are old and rustic looking...with light blue, almost translucent, faded chipping paint. They look old-fashioned. It's not until I'm squatted down on the low toilet that I realize I'm in the men's bathroom as there are several other guys in there. I don't worry about it too much and figure it's not my fault because there was no sign on the door. I finish up and do my hair and go back to the table with my co-workers. We end up talking about the "Eye of the Tiger" song from the Rocky movies and how awesome it is. Later on we're all back at my parents' house and we're having a pre-wedding dinner for one of my co-workers. He's going to marry Kate Gosselin and he's getting upset because nobody is giving him much support on his decision.

10. Seth and I are at a public swimming pool. We go inside the clubhouse and they're having some sort of an "open mic" thing for entertainment. There is a somewhat overweight middle-aged lady in a swimsuit and knitted cover-up thing. She goes into the men's bathroom and says something about that's the one she's supposed to go into (implying that she's a cross-dresser). He/she comes out of the bathroom and she's still soaking wet from the pool. She picks up two small kid-sized plastic chairs with metal legs and walks over to the piano to do her act. She starts playing the piano using the legs of the chairs instead of her hands, but it is really good. She's playing a really hard classical piece and we're all amazed.

11. Seth and I are wandering around a fly-fishing shop looking at all the merchandise. The shop also has room we rent for the night to sleep in. I have 2 clarinets with me and they both have reeds made out of cork instead of bamboo or whatever they're normally made out of. The reeds are all chipped and broken on the end but instead of making the clarinets sound horrible and squeaky, they sound surprisingly good. I play along a little bit to a CD of pastorial music. In the morning we get up and meet my family at a farmers' market type grocery store. I wander around for a while and end up finding these gigantic blue apples about the size of a volleyball. I show them to Corinne and think about buying one, but then get distracted because I can't find Seth anywhere. I remember that he said something about having a dentist appointment. At this point I'm wearing a dress and small heels and I run across a large parking lot with slushy snow on the ground over to the strip mall where Seth's dentist is. They say he just left so I go back over to the fly shop to see if he's there. He's not there but somehow he's made it back over to the grocery store so we go meet up with my family again. I never did get to try that blue apple.

12. I go back to Lumenis (my old job) to visit. Everybody is wearing the standard required blue scrubs, but I am wearing red ones that are slightly faded. There are 2 young toddlers working there, a boy and a girl who are apparently "dating." They've just had an argument so I take the girl aside in a sort of closet to give her some privacy from the listening ears of her fellow co-workers. I give the girl a pep-talk and make sure she's ok before leading her out by the hand to get back to work.

13. Seth and I are in a somewhat affluent neighborhood. I can't remember what we were doing there, but we end up sneaking inside this house to hide from someone. We hear someone come in the room so we try to hide in a closet, but the person comes right up to the door and starts cleaning or something. We realize there's no way we can get out without being seen, so we just come out and leave. The Hispanic guy that was standing by the closet doesn't seem to care. We run across a couple yards and find a house that is all opened up, or doesn't have any walls. There is a bunch of furnishings and nick-nacks out, like it's some sort of garage sale or shop. We think about stealing something, but there's nothing there we really want or would risk getting in trouble over, so we leave.

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Janet said...

Man, you sure are having some interesting dreams!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

This is an amazing concept...dreams...thirteen. Very interesting!!!!

My 13 is a bit of conversations of wit.

Hope to see you visit with me.

CountryDew said...

You have very vivid dreams. And to remember them is interesting, too. My husband swears he never dreams.

I am Harriet said...

Wonderful description of your dreams :)

Have a great Thursday!

sherilee said...

I love this idea--I haven't seen it before. I have some wild and crazy dreams, but then forget them soon upon waking, so maybe if I were to write them down...

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting!!

colleen said...

You're a prolific dreamer. Imagine if our lives were dreams and our dreams our real lives.

heidi said...

Ooo, fabulous, Kay! I'm very impressed that dream-Seth can fly helicopters, but, also, appalled that dream-Seth chose the Tweety Bird tattoo.

Also, I think it's so interesting that your subconscious is so calm about hostage-type situations and yet so flustered about wet hair. :D

Dream-themes are fascinating. Paul often dreams about being in the mountains; I'm more prone to dream that people are mad at me.

I've noticed that there's more people, and more dental-themes, in your dreams, than in mine. I mean, based on these 13, and what I seem to remember about my recent dreams. Although... well, maybe there are a fair number of people in my dreams. Just not, you know, your family. :)

Rachel said...

Love it. I told Abe, "Karen did a post about his dreams!" and he got a big ole grin on his face and was all, "This outta be good." And it was!

Holly said...

First of all, I can't believe I'm three Thursday 13's behind! Bad me! Secondly, I'm glad you saw that I "tagged" you in my purse post. For some reason, I forgot to come tell you about it! Again, bad me!

You have some CRAZY dreams! I love that your co-worker is marrying Kate Gosselin! LOL! I've been having a lot of dreams about toilets and having to go to the bathroom lately.