Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 13: Right Now

1. I am thinking… I need to wash my hands because they smell like sandwiches.

2. I am thankful for… this time in my life. I've got love, sufficient money, and enough free time to enjoy both.

3. From the kitchen… made some Beef and Broccoli stir-fry tonight for dinner. Come back later this week for the recipe and a detailed review!
4. I am wearing… A light blue Old Navy t-shirt with purple flowers on it, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and my ugly brown clunky work shoes.

5. I am creating… A test to measure the performance of a heat exchanger.

6. I am going… to run a 5k this weekend. Hope I don't die!

7. I am reading… Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt and My Old Man by Amy Sohn

8. I am hoping… The rain will hold off while I do my grocery shopping this evening.

9. I am hearing… A basketball game on t.v. and the water running at the kitchen sink where my husband is doing dishes.

10. Around the house… I still have several loads of laundry to fold from last week! But at least I dusted.

11. One of my favorite things… When my husband leaves for work in the morning and pulls all the blankets up on me to keep me nice and snugly warm for another hour until I have to get up.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week… Grocery shopping tonight. T.V. night tomorrow. 5k on Saturday and probably a fly fishing jaunt up on the Weber on Sunday.

13. A picture to share…
Seth thought he'd finally tied into a "big 'ol brown" up on the Weber River a couple weeks ago. I think they call them 'suckers' for a reason.

(Borrowed from Fond of Snape)

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I am Harriet said...

Beef and broccoli- yum!

Have a great day!

Kim said...

I am running a 5K on May 28th and I, too, hope i do not die. Good luck!

Gattina said...

You made me hungry with your beef and broccoli, lol !

Retro Girl said...

Great meme...Love the list and the Food - making me hungry!
Great pics on your blog btw!

Mine's up...late, but it's there!

Holly said...

What a fun list! Getting excited for your April book reviews!

Divaa Divine said...

absolute cool combo :d

Ticke me off Instantly

Laurie ( said...

Good luck with the 5K! I hope to do my first 5K soon. Beef and broccoli sounds amazing, and I'm not even a broccoli fan! LOL

It's Me said...

I like this 13 Thursday. Creative and interesting! It tells a lot about who you are!

collette said...

Omigosh, is that my little brother in that photograph? He's a GROWN UP!!!

(Still catches me off guard sometimes.)

At least Rachel's still a kid. ;)

Rachel said...

Seth looks sooo handsome!
And, Clee, I AM NOT a little kid! I'm telling Mom you said that!

Karen said...

He IS extremely handsome isn't he? He always looks so manly with his scruffy face. *sigh*

p.s. You girls better stop your quarreling or I'm going to turn this car around!