Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Colonel

Totally met Colonel Sanders today. He was even more awesome than I imagined.

Side Note: So you know when you write out a word so many times it starts to look wrong? That's what happened when I typed out 'Colonel'... so I looked it up just to be sure. This was one of the definitions:

"Older Use . (in the South) a title of respect prefixed to the name of distinguished elderly men. "

 So THAT explains it. I always thought it was dumb for a Colonel to wear a white suit in a war. I mean, HELLO... you're not really blending in. Unless it's winter.


It's Me said...

Finally a post! (P.S. yesterday was crazy when you called...I'll call you this weekend)

Its all making sense now...something I never knew about the definition of Colonel. Also, a word I would have a hard time spelling if I didn't see it written out. Thanks for making me a little bit smarter.

Holly said...

What a fun photo! How exciting for you to have met the amazing Colonel Sanders.

I learned something today! Now I don't have to do my homework, do I? :)

Rachel said...

"I hate the colonel! And his wee beady eyes."