Monday, June 8, 2009

Punishment or Test... You Decide

Today when I got home from work I briefly thought about not going running. It'd been raining on and off all day and I'd just gotten my new yoga DVDs in the mail. "Stop making excuses," I told myself, "just go out and run before it really does rain. If you get in the habit of putting it off, you'll never do it." So I put on my running gear, put my freshly made house key into the secret Velcro pouch in my skirt and went out.

Today seemed like an easy running day. It was one of those days where for some reason my legs felt lighter and running was a little more enjoyable. I admired the dark clouds and the soaring jets from the air force base. It was really nice out.
But it seems I spoke too soon. Exactly half way through my run, it started to sprinkle. Then it began to rain. Then it rained harder. Then it poured. Then it hailed. I was at least a mile away from home out in a torrential downpour. I set my routine aside and tried to run as fast as I could to get home. But, alas, my weak legs and unconditioned lungs were no match for the rain. Despite the desires of my heart to quickly get out of the sheets of cold rain and hail, my body told me 'no.'

I was soaked to the bone running through rivers of water. I stopped trying to jump over the muddy puddles and streams because at least an inch or more of water covered everything. As I made it back to my apartment complex, I was at first relieved to find shelter under the carports, but again dismayed as the rivers that flowed beneath them were even larger.
Finally I made it back to the apartment door. As I reached for the house key in the Velcro pocket I thought, "that key better still be there or ELSE." It was.

Throughout this whole ordeal I thought to myself, is God punishing me? Is this a sign I'm not supposed to run? Or is this one of those trials that's supposed to make me stronger? All I can say is, it better be the latter. And if it happens again, I quit.

No, my shirt is not supposed to be see-through. Yes, there is a reason I'm folding my arms.


It's Me said...

That is the best, funniest picture of you! You look like you're about to go apewire on someone! I know it sucked for you, but my day just got better! LOL!! Love you!

Budsly said...

Oh my Gosh, I laughed soo hard! That is such a funny picture. I guess now you'll be looking for a bargain on colored running tops :)

Paul said...

Oh Karen, I hope it's ok that I laughed. You look so sad / pissed. Believe me, I can relate. I've stuck in the mountains on a bike ride without a jacket, surrounded by rain and lightning. Not a good time, but always a good story!

Rachel said...

We are nothing but sinners in the hands of an angry God.

Anonymous said...

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