Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So I'm Obsessed

So I'm obsessed with running stuff now. I debated whether or not to post this based on the fact that most of you probably don't give a crap about running, but I REALLY wanted to tell everyone about something really awesome! Note: If you are a man, this probably will be of no interest to you... then again, you never know...
So the other day when I was researching all the different 5k races, I came upon one called the "Skirt Chasers 5k." I thought it sounded kind of funny so I clicked on the link. Apparently there's this company called Skirt Sports that makes skirt-type running shorts. For their race they have the girls start a couple minutes before the guys so it looks like the guys are chasing after them. Don't worry, it was a family friendly race that was supposed to be funny... not a perverted mobile meat market. Unfortunately the race was in Colorado, so we didn't sign up for that one. BUT, I did think the skirt idea was extremely cute, so I started checking into them on the Internets. Plus, the shorts I'd been wearing kept bunching up in between my thighs as I'd run and it was really annoying and uncomfortable. I thought the skirt would be a great solution.
Apparently those skirts usually run between $30-$55 each. Yikes. Way too pricey for me. Not that I wouldn't fork out the dough if I had it, but I don't, so I had to find another way to get my mitts on some.
So I noticed that the Skirt Sports website had a link to their outlet store so I clicked my way over to it and browsed around. They didn't have much available, but somehow, I ended up finding some I liked and they were MY SIZE! Only one size left and it was mine! That NEVER happens! And here's the best part.... they were only $10! Wahoo! So I got 4. 3 of These in black, pink and blue, and 1 of These in Flirtini... or pink.
I was a little worried about 2 things: #1 That they wouldn't fit- I haven't had very good luck ordering clothes online and their sizing charts were crazy. #2 Three of the skirts I ordered had "pantie" type shorts sewn in instead of regular shorts. I wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable wearing them. Click here to see descriptions of the different "inserts" available under the skirts. (I got 3 pairs with "Spankies"... not to be confused with Skankies and 1 pair with "Shorties")
But, flash to today. I picked up my UPS package from the apartment office and went right home to try on my new running skirts. SURPRISE! They all fit me perfectly and were so comfortable! But, how are they for running you ask? Even awesomer than I thought they'd be! I was daring and wore the pantie-type skirt and went outside for my jog. It was a very windy, gusty day. Not the best day to go out wearing a short skirt with panties underneath. But they were very light and not as hot as my spandex shorts/running shorts combo I had been wearing. Much more breathable. And I didn't have a single "Marilyn Monroe" incident. I didn't feel self-conscious or uncomfortable at all. They passed the test with flying colors!

Oh and another great thing about the skirts is they all have built in hidden pockets. Three of the skirts have a Velcro pocket on the backside and the other skirt has a pocket for an ipod built into the shorts (and there's even a hole in the skirt for the cord to come out!). So now I won't have to carry my house key in my hand when I run. Yea!

So I know you're all dying to see how hot I look in my skirts, so I'll give you a sneak peak at one of the pink ones.

Not bad eh?

p.s. In case you can't tell, Blogger didn't feel like paying attention to my spacing, so this post looks kind of dumb. Sorry. I tried.


heidi said...

I LOVE this post! I'm SO glad you included a pic of you in your hot outfit! You look so athletic.

And I was TOTALLY thinking of getting those cheapo jogging shorts but they're out of what I THINK is my size. BUT GUESS WHAT? They have CYCLING clothes for sale too! I've already gotten myself several early bday presents but I think a new cycling outfit might be in my future. You know the last time I got a new pair of cycling shorts?

It was the exact same time as the ONLY time I've gotten my ONLY pair of cycling shorts. High school. I really like the yellow/pink crush cycling skirt. They're out of most of the small tops--are the sizes similar to Target's or not even close?--but I think the cap sleeve black top with the flowery design in white and pink is delish.

I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited to exercise, and to do so in hot new gear, it's insane! I'm so grateful that you've become "obsessed." It's TOTALLY rubbing off on me.

Much love! And congrats on getting so pumped about running and doin' so dang much of it.


p.s. If I do MY 5K on my bike I think I'll end up with a very good race time. ;P

Karen said...


You haven't gotten any new biking clothes since high school? You totally NEED some! I was looking through the bike shorts on that web site and they are a bit pricier than the running shorts, but they're a bit fancier what with their built in butt padding and all. But I did love the yellow/pink crush color. That's the one I would choose too! The sizing chart was kind of weird. I normally wear like a size 6-8 but according to their sizing charts, I was a Large, or 12-14. I've got a 33" waist and 41" hips and the skirts fit me perfect right now. Although, I could see that they might get a bit loose if I were to lose much weight. So anyway, I guess, just don't be freaked out if you have to get a size that seems a lot bigger than what you normally wear.

Steven said...

I'm a guy, not a runner, but I do appreciate better fitness clothing. I felt the same way when I was purchasing cycling shorts. But I got lucky and they fit, are comfortable, and I don't think they look bad. Of course, Allison says that bike shorts are a little weird. I agree. There is something about not leaving anything to the imagination and padding that imagination that is a little odd. :)

It's Me said...

I like the idea of the skirt. It's cute. You do look athletic... I also like your money saving recommendations. I love hearing how people get really good deals!