Monday, June 1, 2009

Race Details

So Seth and I finally chose the 5k race we want to do. It's the Ogden Family Fitness Day 5k on Saturday, August 29th at 9:00am. This race is along the Ogden River Parkway where Seth and I have been fishing many times. It's a beautiful spot!

We've already got my sister, Annie on board to run with us and I thought it would be fun to invite all my devoted blog readers to join us too! So if you want to try it, go ahead and go to the Ogden Family Fitness Day website and sign up (they'll send you an email with the address of where to send your $15 registration fee... and you'll be guaranteed a t-shirt!)

I posted this as a comment on one of my other posts, but I liked the training schedule I used so much, I'm gonna put it here too. I swear it works really good. And it's not complicated. For me, running for one minute when I'm just starting out is really hard. But the cool thing is that you can see results and improvement really fast so it motivates you to keep doing it! I'm already running for two whole minutes! WOW! Plus this 5k schedule says it will train you in 8 weeks and if you start training today, you'll have 13 whole weeks! Also, I learned the hard way last time I tried this that having good running shoes makes a huge difference. Having crappy shoes is a good way to hurt yourself. If you live in the general Ogden area, go to Striders. They will do a foot analysis and tell you what shoes work the best for your arches and "stride." Made a huge difference for me. Ok, here's the training schedule:

By: Christine Luff at

Week one: Walk for 6 minutes, then jog at an easy pace for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times. Aim for three sessions with that same sequence for week one.

Week two: Walk for 5 minutes, then jog for 2 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Aim to do three sessions in week two.

Week three: Walk for 3 minutes, then jog for 4 minutes. Repeat 4 times. Aim for four sessions in week three.

Week four: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 5 minutes. Repeat 4 times. Shoot for four of those sessions in week four.

Week five: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 8 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Do four of those sessions in week five.

Week six: Walk for 2 minutes, then jog for 9 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Try to do four sessions for week six.

Week seven: Walk for 1 minute, then jog for 11 minutes. Repeat 3 times. Do four sessions this week.

Week eight: Congratulations on making it to week eight! For your first run this week, try walking for 5 minutes to begin and end the workout, and run for 20 minutes in between. By the end of the week, try to run for 30 minutes without stopping.

Aim to run for 30 minutes four times a week, and you'll notice that your stamina and fitness will continue to improve. Soon you'll be ready to run your first 5k!


heidi said...

I'm so thrilled to train along with you "virtually"! And I'm TOTALLY gonna complete a 5K on race day somehow--do it here that same day if I can't make it to Salt Lake--and make myself a Race Tshirt. Declaring myself the winner of my private 5K. And donate a thousand pesos someplace.

AND my running shoes are pretty shot--use them to play tennis in, which wears 'em out quick--and your post reminded me that a mom of one of my piano students works in a running store! So I'm getting Shoe Shopping ideas. So NOT worth it to wear out your arches in worn out/cheap shoes. Been there, done that; worth EVERY PENNY, I realized, when I bought sole-saving replacement shoes.

XO heidi

p.s. Word ver. word: mensis. Do you think they mean the Monthly Thing, or the Smart Person's Club?

Rachel said...

You've inspired us! We were planning on doing the 2009 Spud Run, but maybe we'll come to Ogden and run with you alls.

Karen said...

Heidi... you always get the fun word verifications. Mine never spell anything cool!

Rachel, when is the Spud Run? Do you get t-shirts? I really want a shirt that says "Spud" on it. We could trade off... you guys could come here and do the Ogden run and we could go to the zoo and then we could go up there and run and eat potatoes!

Rachel said...

Let's do it! The Spud Run is September 19th. I think you can buy a t-shirt for a little extra on top of the registration fee.