Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's Special: June 14-20th

I guess I could do an update on my earlier post, but I don't know how often you people look at my old recipe stuff, so I'll do it here. Just so you know, the falafel actually turned out really well. The dough was a bit softer than I thought it'd be but I used a cookie scoop to form them and it worked great. For some reason my brain didn't click that falafel is a middle eastern food and tzatziki is Greek yogurt sauce, but you know, falafel in greek pitas covered in tzatziki was really good! So chalk one up for happy accidents. The mushroom & barley soup was also good, although I did sub a jar of mixed mushrooms for the dried ones because they didn't have them at Wally World and I was too lazy to go looking for them.

Sunday: Grilled Pork Loin with Cranberry-Apple Filling I was a little disappointed by this actually. It said to use mustard seeds, which I did, but it turned out kind of bland. Next time I think I'd use prepared whole grain Dijon mustard for more flavor.

Monday: Three Cheese Tortellini with Pesto Sauce This is actually my best lazy meal. Store-bought Buitoni pasta with Classico pesto sauce. The Classico pesto sauce is by the other pasta sauce. It's cheaper and tastes better than the Buitoni brand pesto.

Tuesday: CPK's Dakota Smashed Pea & Barley Soup This is a new recipe.

Wednesday: Tuna Casserole Yes I'm making this AGAIN.

Thursday: Leftovers

Weekend: Minestrone Soup I don't feel like going to the store this week ok?


Paul said...

I love falafel (hee hee hee, you said falafel), but I've only ever made it from a mix. I just may have to give that a shot! I personally love it with some tart tahini sauce.

heidi said...

Apparently, it's extremely important to Paulie and me, that you know that he's made falafel, too--but only from a mix. :D

I don't know why, it just really cracked me up that we had to repeat our totally irrelevant boring personal details to ya! Just in CASE you're ever on DeCoursey Jeopardy and there's a category called "What Paul has and hasn't made from Mixes."

I think I'm funny. Paul thinks the word "falafel" is funny. It's nice you put up with us.

:D XO Heidi

Seth said...

Hey just for the record... I really like that tuna casserole and I don't think we have it often enough! Ok there... I stood up for my old pal tuna casserole... I feel better now. ;-)

Karen said...

Heidi and Paul... you guys are so funny! For your information I LIKE to hear about what other people make! That's part of the reason why I post this stuff! And now I know that falafel mix is worth using because Master Chef Paul uses it! Also, are there different kinds of a tahini sauce? It took me forever to find it and there was only one large jar of the stuff... it'll probably last me about 50 years. And DeCoursey Jeopardy sounds awesome. I would totally win!

Seth, you're the best husband ever! Do you people know that yesterday he requested I make BURRITOS more often? That's what I call low-maintenance!

Paul said...

In re: tahini. The tubs of paste last freaking forever! The best recipe I've seen is to take some of that sauce you find at the store (like a 1/2 cup), mash up some garlic, cilantro, and parlsey to add to it, thin it a bit with some lemon juice and olive oil and season with salt & cumin. The last bits are really to taste, depending on how potent you find cumin and how tart you like it. If you don't want it quite so tart you can use a mixture of water & lemon juice rather than straight lemon juice.

If I'm lazy (and don't have any of the paste) I will make a sauce out of yoghurt, garlic, salt & pepper, lemon juice, cucumber and mint. It's pretty good too! Hmm, I think I'm going to do that tonight!