Thursday, August 6, 2009

They're Here!!

I've waited for this day for a long time... the day when I would get my very own pair of stockingfoot chest waders. You heard me people. Waders. These are not just any waders. They are Simms WOMEN'S Headwaters stockingfoot waders. That's right, they actually make chest waders especially for women. And they should. I mean, what woman wants to go out looking like she's fishing in a potato sack? Ok maybe her, but I digress.

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a pair of women's waders. They practically don't exist. Ok, they do, but not in stores. I've researched waders for the last year or so, mainly dreaming that one day I might have the money to finally buy a pair.

Seth and I finally decided that with my July bonus, we'd both get some waders. I was searching around online to try and find a good deal when I came upon a website that had 25% off the Simms waders I wanted. I decided to jump on it and buy the waders before they sold out. Sweet! They were on their way and in a week or so, I'd have the waders I'd been waiting for.

Except things didn't quite go as planned. The waders were supposed to be delivered on July 24th, but we left that morning to go camping so we missed the UPS guy. I wasn't too worried about it and figured we'd get them on Monday instead. So we get back from camping on Sunday night and on Monday I check the delivery status when I get into work. It says they were delivered. And left at the front door. My heart sank. There was no box at the front door. I asked Seth to look on the patio. No box. Could he go check at the front office and see if they have it? Nope. They don't have it either. It's gone.

At first I think maybe one of our neighbors picked it up when they noticed it sitting there. But no one ever came by with it. I was so angry. Why did that UPS guy leave the package sitting at our front door? And on a holiday weekend when lots of people go out of town?! Duh. Plus those guys ALWAYS leave our packages at the main office when we're not home. Such a pain.

So I contact the company I bought them from and the lady there tells me they gotta work with UPS and get things straightened out. After a week I protested and insist they just send me another pair of waders. The problem was that the style I'd ordered was sold out. They were last year's model and there were none left in my size. So I had to pay like $50 more to get the newer model. Argh.

Today as I walked in the door after work, I wondered when my waders would arrive. I talked to the cat and sorted through the mail and then... WHAT? What do I see?! A Simms box sitting on top of the bar stool with a note from Seth that says "SURPRISE!! THEY'RE HERE!"


I place the box on the couch, lift the lid, and gaze down at the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. They almost sparkled with greatness and the smell of nylon and neoprene was almost enough to make my knees buckle. I deeply breathed in the heavenly fragrance as I lifted the waders out of the box. Perfect.

I couldn't wait to get them on. I immediately took off my shoes and slid my feet down into the little black feet. It was almost like climbing into a pair of feet pajamas, but better. I lifted them up and clipped on the suspenders and then added the finishing touch... the wading belt. I have to admit, I looked hot.

There was just one thing I needed to complete my look: my Simms Headwaters Boots. They were my birthday present and I'd bought them a couple weeks ago at the local fly shop. I pulled them on over the stockingfeet, laced them up, then finished it off by pulling down the gravel guards and hooking them onto the boots. Wow.

To my delight, everything fit perfectly. I can't wait to try all this stuff out. I'm pretty sure those fish are all going to want me to catch them because I look so ravishing, don't you think?


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I nominated you on my blog, you are lovely! :)

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Wolf Whistle.

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