Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dry Cleaners

Is it just me or is the dry cleaners a little scary? I mean you go in there with what I would assume are some of your best clothes. You drop them off in a lump amidst the piles of other clothes and then leave, possibly to never see them again.

Who even knows how dry cleaning works anyway? They probably just scrape any chunky bits off with a fingernail, spray the rest of the item with Febreze, steam press and wha la... Dry cleaned!

And the whole atmosphere of the dry cleaners is a little creepy. I mean, there's all these clothes hanging up, covered in bags and they fill the entire place. They kind of remind me of that scene in one of the Freddy Krueger movies where the bloody dead chick drags herself down the school hall in a body bag. Gross.


James said...

I work at a cleaner where we do our best to demystify the process.

You can actually read my blog post about how dry cleaning works here:

It's more similar to cleaning at home than you might expect.

Karen said...

What the? Uh thanks Dry Cleaner Man, you're a great American. The world needs someone like you to clear up all the misconceptions about dry cleaning. (Do they pay you for that?)

Also, I was half right. I'm pretty sure the "chemical" mentioned is Febreze.

Paul said...

Uh oh. Seriously Karen, you do NOT want to offend the dry cleaning mafia. You will be in for a lifetime of paying protection money to an impecably dressed and coiffed man named Tyce (always sporting a folded handkerchief or "square" in his breast pocket. Usually a shade of purple, sometimes green, as the occasion demands). He will smell faintly of ginger.

Should you chose not to pay, you will be turned away at every dry cleaner you visit and your clothes will develop mysterious stains and holes. They will always be wrinkled.

Heed my advice! Or don't. Whatever.

heidi said...

WHAT THE??? That dry clean guy's comment was so strange. Also--who knew there was a dry cleaning mafia, spreading the scent of ginger?

I'm suspicious of dry cleaners, too. I found the best product! You can put dry-clean-only stuff in this special bag, and run it through the dryer at home. It's cheap and (I think) less chemically. The product is called--Dryel.

Also, I'm too lazy to be running back and forth to the dry cleaner's.

I nominate that garmentcare guy as one of the weirdest commenters you've received!