Friday, October 2, 2009

Why I Run

*I've wanted to do this post for awhile and finally decided I needed to after reading a post from Seth's cousin, Ashley. I was going to write a comment on her blog but it would've been way too long, so I'll just link you to her blog here so you know where this all came from.

I've never been a runner. I've never been one of those people who loves to work out or who has to get out for their daily run. I've never been one of those long and lean girls who look like gazelles and are naturally suited to the sport. Running is one of those things that is very hard for me and always will be. Which is probably why I've always wanted to be good at it. I run because my body tells me I can't.

When I first started my job I noticed this guy, probably in his late fifties, walking around the plant with a walker. The building where I work is huge. There are a handful of people who are not able to walk very well for one reason or another and they typically drive around the plant on motorized scooters. Anyone else in this man's physical state would use a motorized scooter. But no. This man has MS and literally drags one foot in front of the other with each step, slowly moving from one place to the next. I've never seen such determination and strength.

Whenever I saw this man I would feel a huge wave of guilt. Why? Because here I was, young and healthy,  letting my body go to waste. I bet that man would give anything to have a healthy body and be able to walk around easily like everybody else, let alone run, and here I was, with the greatest gift ever and I was wasting it. I finally realized what an idiot I was. This healthy body could be taken from me at any time and what would I do then? Sit around and wish I could do all these things that I was perfectly capable of doing for so long, but chose not to out of laziness? All these years I'd taken my body for granted and it was time for that to stop. I have a wonderful gift and I'm going to make the most of it while I still can.

I'm sure that man has no idea who I am or how much impact he's had on me. But his example has changed me. I run now. I run because of him. I run because I can.


heidi said...

Oh! Kay, that really touched me. Life and health ARE so precious... it strikes me from time to time, how I abound in gifts that I rarely even think to appreciate.

Today I appreciated SUNSHINE. It was so bright and clear today. It's getting colder, and, winters in Boise are gray gray gray, sometimes for weeks at a time. I'm trying to store it up.

And, I'm so excited you posted about running, cuz--well--I'm not a runner, either. Although... well, somehow or other, the past three days in a row, I was out running, and...

I have big news. I got my first blister.


The Butler Clan said...

Love it!!

Paul said...

There you go, making me think. I don't know if I can take too many deep posts in a row.

I don't run because it hurts.

I eat ice cream because it's tasty.

Speaking of which, I kinda want a doughnut ...

heidi said...

i feel like I should be whispering this: kay? is it ok to admit i find my own husband utterly HILARIOUS? i laughed for a solid minute at paul's comment, at least!

what a friggin liar, too--he LOVES painful exercise. although we did have a discussion the other day how even if we KNEW fatty, sugary food would end up taking time off our lives--we'd do it anyway.

shh. i didn't say anything...

Karen said...

You guys are so funny! Congrats on the blister Heidi. It's a HUGE accomplishment. And I ditto your comment on Paul loving painful exercise. You don't ride your bike 50 miles up a mountain because it feels good.

And Paul, I don't know why you gotta go and mention icecream and donuts. Now I want some.

Rachel said...

I liked this post. Also the Paul/Heidiness at the end. Also, Ashley's post.