Saturday, October 17, 2009


I know I've already done a post on my fitness progress, but I wanted to do another one... this time with pictures. I took some 'before' pictures on May 11th of this year and took some pictures today so I could compare them. To date I've lost 11.5 pounds, 5" on my waist, 4" on my stomach and at least an inch everywhere else. I don't know that anybody can really tell but me. Also, after posting these pictures of myself on here, I've gained a new respect for others whom I've seen do the same. It doesn't ever seem like that big of a deal until it's YOU. By the way, I hate the 'before' pictures. A lot.





One last thing I wanted to share that has helped my progress is actually tracking what I eat. I always thought this was a huge waste of time. Just eat healthy stuff and you'll be fine, right? Well, I started tracking what I eat (I use SparkPeople) and I was astonished at how many calories I was eating. I swear I eat healthy stuff and try to be really good and I still have a hard time staying within my daily calorie allotment. No wonder I'd gained so much! I figured out that my body normally burns about 1700 calories a day. So I'd have to stick to that number just to stay where I'm at! I've been trying to stay a little below that and throw in some exercise to burn extra, but it's tough! Do you realize it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound?! No wonder it takes so damn long to lose all this flab!

Anyway, I hope you all aren't getting annoyed with all my blah blah blah about fitness crap and running and other such things. I write this stuff because it's important to me and it's a way to keep myself motivated. That, and I think Seth is going to lose it if I talk about my awesome new muscles one more time...


heidi said...

Kay, Darling!
You're so beautiful! Before and after, of course. I think that the "afters" do show that exercise makes a person more vibrant... You look sleeker, and stronger.

And I'm glad you're posting about fitness! It's inspiring. Although... I have to confess... felt a bit guilty about not keeping track of what I eat. But, there's probably half-a-dozen things, at any point, that a person can do to live healthier--it's probably best just to pick the thing that grabs you, and go for that. Like you with running. Or, just, drinking more water! Simple things. Biking to work.

Anyway, I also want to say--hooray for your new muscles! Isn't it exciting? I had no idea I'd love getting a hard stomach, but, it's amazing what a few strength-training exercises can do. Muscles aren't just for boys, anymore!!


p.s. I can't see what you hate about the "befores." So many women I know would kill to have your "before" body!

Holly said...

I love hearing about your fitness and health goals. You're an inspiration! Congrats on all you've accomplished!