Friday, January 1, 2010

The Loot

Seth and I had a great Christmas this year. We both got everything we wanted and then some. We feel pretty fortunate.

Seth got a fly reel for his new...

...8 weight fly rod! He can't wait to go try out his new setup.

I got a new camera! Wahoo! It looks pretty fancy. (This picture was taken with the old camera, that's why my face looks so... somehow).

I also got a cute new beanie. I asked for one with ear flaps and Santa didn't disappoint.

Seth  tied a bunch of Chernobyl Ant flies for me so I could have some backup lucky bugs. They look great!

Mom & Dad Holley gave a generous donation to the "Hanson Super Fun Time Fund" and Mom made me this cute apron out of 2 napkins.

Annie & Eric gave us this awesome 80% homemade bulletin board.

Mom & Dad Hanson gave us all these goodies. The box of chocolate truffles didn't survive long enough for the picture.

The Smiths gave us some fleece socks (great for fishing!) and a box of assorted flies. Plus the box it was wrapped in was super cute so I'm counting that too. Collette & Marty also took us out for breakfast. Thanks guys!

Heidi & Paul gave us this fancy salt & pepper grinder. Our old set was looking pretty sad!

We just wanted to thank everybody for being so dang generous. We really appreciate all the thought and effort you put into these gifts. We feel really lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family. Thanks again!


heidi said...

Great loot! (Also, you're welcome, and, thank YOU.)
Happy New Year! This is my first post of the year to read and it was a fun one. :)

You know what I always say? It's good to save the BEST for LAST. Hee hee.

Rachel said...

Tell your parents they are welcome to donate generously to my super fun fund. Also...I heart that beanie in ways I can't even express.