Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snacks: The Secret to Fishing

This last Saturday we went ice fishing at Devil Creek Reservoir. We met Seth's dad, brother-in-law Marty, and niece Arielle there, along with what turned out to be a bunch of fishermen there for an ice fishing tournament.

It was a really nice day and it was good to get out of our dark apartment. Seth and I caught 4 good sized rainbows. They sure tasted delicious!

Marty and Arielle with a catch.

Daddy Hanson drilling some holes.

Seth pulling up a rainbow.

The Spoils.

I'm watching the holes. Honest.

Seth drilling more holes.

The Spread.

I have a tip for all you who are wondering what our secret was to catching fish.

#2 Go get a snack. Yup that's right. Not getting any bites? Go dig yourself out a snack from the cooler and I guarantee that'll bring them in. And don't get all sneaky on those fish. They know when you're just pretending to get one.


heidi said...

LOVE your new 'do! (What I could see of it. :)) Also, I'm quite jealous of all that time in the SUN you got to have!

Karen said...

Lol Crazy lady! You can't even see my hair!

heidi said...

You can too! If you squint hard enough. (You can see ANYTHING if you squint hard enough! In fact, I have to compliment you on the terrific pink & purple streaks you put in your hair. They go well with the fun green color in there, as well. You managed to get the whole 'do to look shockingly similar to a beanie! :D)