Friday, January 1, 2010

Third Time's the Charm

I'd only been ice fishing once before this weekend. We went up to Lost Creek Reservoir a couple years ago with the Navajos and didn't catch a thing. Over Christmas break in Idaho this year we went ice fishing twice. Daddy Hanson got a fancy new "flasher" (fish finder) and an ice scooper for Christmas, so of course we had to go test them out.

On our first day out we went to Gem Lake. Seth caught a big sucker and a small rainbow not long after we got there, but noboday caught anything else for the duration of the day. We also stopped off at Bruno's Pond to see if we could find any fish with the flasher, but we didn't see any. I was beginning to think ice fishing just wasn't my thing.

Hauling the gear onto the ice.

Seth's sucker. Wanna give em a kiss?

Seth and his rainbow

Figured I'd take some pictures of the scenery while I wasn't catching fish.

Me with my no fish.

We decided to try our luck again a couple days later at Mackay Reservoir. We ended up catching a total of 7 fish... 5 rainbows and 2 brookies. It's about time!

Drilling the holes

My first ice fish!

Daddy Hanson keeping an eye on the flasher

Waiting for a bite

Ice fishing can make you crazy... Crazy AWESOME!

I finally heard what ice sounds like when it's expanding. It's not too bad until you can feel it. I could do without that.


heidi said...

NO WAY!! IT WORKED! ANOTHER POST! Although, based on the times listed, the Gracie-eating-catnip post came last, and so I should have seen this one before it, for some reason it didn't appear until right after my comment on the Gracie one. I'm not sure why it happened like that but it sure was COOL!!

My mind is blown.

Oh, yeah--Congratulations on your first ice fish! Looks cold, ice fishing. Also you look so great in your beautiful beanie.

(Still reeling from mind being blown. Not sure what to do with these riches of posts...)


Karen said...

Well, technically the Gracie post did come first... I just adjusted the post times so it would show up first. It had the most scandious title so I wanted it to be the one that would show up on people's sidebars. People can't resist a post that hints about weed. Yet another one of my evil tricks. :D