Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop Screwing Around!

It's a lovely Friday evening and Seth and I have been lounging around the house doing a whole lot of nothing in our usual Friday evening way. Free time has the uncanny ability to put awesome ideas into your head as you may well know, and this is where our story begins.

Recently I bought a chin-up bar to put above the office door. This is a pretty cool chin-up bar because it requires no installation and can easily be removed. On this particular evening as I walked by the office door, I stopped and tried unsuccessfully to do a chin-up. Seth was watching me at this point and I suddenly had a bright idea. "I bet I could give you a piggy-back ride." "What?" "Yeah I swear I could probably do it, let's try." So Seth grabs ahold of the chin-up bar to support some of his weight as he's climbing on my back. "Wait! Wait! My pants are falling off, I gotta tie them really fast so they don't slide off." So I secure my pants and we try again.

Just as Seth's legs are secured around my waist, I hear a crash, and something hits my elbow hard as Seth falls to the floor. I turn around to see if Seth is ok, worried he's hit his head or landed weird. Luckily he's fine. At first I think the chin-up bar broke, but not so. Apparently the bar was pulled the wrong way and flew off the door and hit my elbow. Yeah, great idea, ME. See what happens when you screw around? You're lucky you didn't put an eye out!


Holly said...

LOL! Oh the things couples do together! :)