Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The City of Trees

For Memorial Day Seth and I drove up to Boise. Who do we know in Boise? Well, a couple people actually, but specifically we went to see our new friends, Heidi and Paul.

Paul & Heidi

I met Heidi because of this blog actually. She's the one who leaves me deliciously long comments. What's not to like about that? Heidi knows Collette, Seth's wonderful older sister and has been friends with her since they went to Albertson's together (the college, not the grocery store). They are both phenomenal piano players. So anyway, Heidi began reading my blog because she loves everything "Hanson" and originally was interested in learning about Seth. Long story short, we've been emailing and calling each other for the past few months.

Isn't she cute?

We eventually decided it would be fun to meet in person so Seth and I found some free time over Memorial Day weekend to drive up to Boise. We got to Heidi and Paul's house just after noon on Saturday and immediately felt welcome. It seemed like we'd known Heidi and Paul for years. We all have so much in common with each other from liking Psychology, cooking, and gardening to fancy cheese and hiking.

Me & my new gooder friend

The first night in Boise Heidi and Paul had a BBQ. It was so much fun! Paul made us tuna steaks, brats, fruit salad and potato salad. It was so good! He's an aspiring chef like me! Seth and I invited Cory, one of Seth's old friends to the BBQ as well (don't worry, Heidi and Paul approved first). He lives in Boise too and we thought it'd be a good way for Seth to spend some time with him while we were in town. Heidi and Paul invited Grandpa Dave, an amazing 90 year old man who has been taking piano lessons from Heidi for the last couple years. That's right, he's 90. And he fit in perfectly with our group of 5 30ish year olds. Grandpa Dave is an artist and he has a great singing voice and is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. We all talked about everything from Star Trek to obscure scientists and philosophers. (Ok so they were telling jokes about scientists and philosophers and I had no idea who the people were so I just laughed really hard so it would look like I knew what was going on.) Later on Heidi gave us a short piano recital and she and Dave did a piano/singing performance of "What a Wonderful World." It was so cute. Oh and before I forget, we had the BBQ out on the patio and Paul's garden was amazing! Seth was sitting out in the yard on a bench earlier in the day and said he was pretending like he was in a mental institution and the yard was his sanctuary where he could just go and sit everyday. Anyway, it made us really want a house.

The next day we went walking around this shopping district by BSU (Heidi and Paul live like 2 blocks away from BSU). We looked in a couple stores and then who did we run into? Cory! It was kind of weird. Seth's other childhood buddy Nick was with him too, so we stopped and talked to them for a while before heading off to eat some Mexican food. After dinner we stopped off at this little icecream/candy store and got some chocolates for dessert. Then Heidi and Paul took us on a driving tour of Boise and we looked at all the cute houses. Boise is such a beautiful city. We really liked it there. That night we just hung out at the house and talked and ate fancy cheese and chocolates. It's a hard life, huh?

On Monday morning Cory came over to the house again and we had a nice big breakfast, after which it was time for Seth and I to go back home. We took some pictures together with our new friends and then said goodbye. Heidi and Paul are the most amazing people. Seth and I are both glad to have met them and really enjoy having them as friends.

On our way home we ended up stopping at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. It's the Niagara of the West! Actually, Shoshone Falls are taller than Niagara, which I didn't believe at first but it's true. The Internets said so.


Paul said...

Hey! I didn't say you could use my picture! Nah, I'm kidding. I really enjoyed hearing your perspective of the trip. It was so much fun having you here and I really enjoyed meeting the two of you in person. I'm also really happy that you used my favorite picture!!

heidi said...

Sweet Special Kay!

To organize my thoughts:
I think Paulie boy's referring (as his fave) to the pic that seems to depict me consoling a sulky Seth. ;D (I think we were just being silly.) Paul mentioned, like THREE times, after you left... that Sunday night when you and Seth were lolling on the loveseat and we were all chatting relaxedly over cheese and olives and chocolates... that it felt EXACTLY like an evening spent in the company of long-time friends. AW! Sweet, right? It felt like that to me, too. Which is sorta amazing since it's just you and me, babe, who know all the deep dirt on each other. But, I'm not surprised that you got on with Paul. Who wouldn't?

2.) SETH! THE AMAZING SETH! He really IS as awesome as you've made him out to be! Superduper smart and insightful and kind and funny... I just adore that smile he gets when he's happy and relaxed. You know, and finds something touchingly funny, and squinches up his whole face? That smile. I saw it alot on Sunday night. But, my GOSH GOLLY GEEZ! I basically was prepared to love him just cuz he's Coey's bro and your hubbie... and then he'd heard of CHOICE THEORY (BY MY MAN/PSYCHOLOGY GURU WM. GLASSER) and was familiar with my friend Vygotsky's "proximal level of development" (MY EDUCATIONAL PSYCH GURU!) and... I was hooked! PLUS we share many favorite people: Coey, Rach, and all of Coey's kids! And YOU sweet pea!

Gosh dang that Seth of yours is swell! I'm so excited to see what profession he lands in... I don't know how I'd possibly be able to decide, if I were him, 'cuz he's mindbogglingly PERFECT for so many!

3.) GRANDPA DAVE! Could be a SAINT, don't you think?!
From what you've written and said... Don't you think your MOM & DAD... and CORINNE... and ANNIE... and all the HANSONY FOLKs (Coey and Rach and Mom and Dad Hanson) would just love him?
I WISH WISH WISH we'd taken pictures! I don't have any digital ones of him. But, he IS so sweet and loving and I think your Saintly loved ones would just ADORE HIM and his "Meaning of Life." I love his engineer's drawing of each human being as a "transformer"... that is a free recipient of an Endless Supply of God's Love... and are here to receive and absorb and enjoy that love... and pass it on to all whom we encounter. Sometimes I feel like I'm more a Conduit of Frustration... but I do strive, when I think of Dave's example, to be a Conduit of Love.

4.) SWEET KAY. I just love you, girl! I think my fave. pic is the one of us on the piano bench. Captures my delight at having you in MY house, in MY town, and right there for the Hugging and Cherishing! Sweet huggable cherishable Kay. I can't wait to visit you in return! I wanna learn to flycast and also go hiking... and go shopping and have you do my makeup... And meet your baby niece. Babies are the BEST. Seriously! They're PURE conduits of love! When they're not full of tiredness and rage.

Hey, same as me!

Loves to you and Seth and your whole Holley family and Seth's whole Hansony family.

Thanks for visiting us! You're the BEST GUESTS! Brought me a homemade pie and homemade GRAPEFRUIT MARMALADE to die for and a great hostess gift! You're so cute and funny and sweet and I just love you to pieces. And you are so interesting... and so reciprocally interested in me! Where'd you come from, Kay? Did I just dream you up?

Well, if I did, I hope I don't wake up!

XO Heidi Juniper D-C

Seth said...

Ok I'd better throw in my two cents! It really was a great trip and it was very fun and comfortable hanging out with Heidi and Paul. Oh... and Cory too! But he's old news... the hot new friends are Paul and Heidi! ;-) It really was like we'd known each other for years and it is a shame that we live so far apart. Anyway... if Heidi wants to learn to flycast... we should definitely take her next chance we get! (We can even explore the deep and mysterious psychology of trout fishermen while we're at it!) And as for Paul... there are a lot of mountains both here and in Idaho that have our names written all over them! Well anyway... thanks you guys for the awesome weekend and I can't wait to do it again sometime soon!

P.S. Please say hi to Dave for me and tell him that I'm anxiously awaiting his completed memoir.

Rachel said...

That looks like so much fun! What a delightful get-together. I am already in love with the sweet piano-playing old man. I was also delighted by Seth's mental institution comment.

collette said...

I finally figured out how to leave comments on your blog!

Those are super cute pics. Boise is awesome, and so is being at Heidi and Paul's house.

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Dave!