Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drowning Worms

Note: I've had this post in edit mode for a while because I haven't been feeling very enlightened as far as good fishing writing goes. But, I figured I might as well finish this and post it because I haven't done a new post here for a couple months. It's not my best work, but it's something. Maybe now that Spring is here and things are warming up, my brain will thaw out along with the fish.

For the first time in a long time, Seth and I went out fishing with our spinning rods. We hadn't used a spinning rod since Thanksgiving weekend and our personal rods hadn't been used since the summer.

We set out to go fish a sweet looking spot on the Ogden River. We bought some worms at the local gas station and headed up to the spot we'd been eyeing for the past few weeks. We had talked about going to this one particular spot for a while and now we actually were going to follow through and do it.

Much to our dismay we found the river had dropped significantly and no longer was the perfect worm drowning spot. So, we decided to go to a new spot on the lower part of the Weber River that Seth had heard about. It was at the base of the canyon, just as you get onto the highway. Somehow we missed the turnoff and instead of making a huge loop to come back to that spot, we just kept going and thought maybe we'd hit up the Devil's Slide area again.

The river was very busy that day and all the good spots were too crowded. So, we ended up going way up to Lost Creek Reservoir. We were disappointed to find the reservoir was still completely iced over except for a small patch on the southeast end. There were just a couple other guys there, but it was a big enough piece of open water that we could go on the other side of the lake and be far enough away.

On our way over to the far side of the lake we had to jump over a small brook. Seth made it over ok, but because it was so muddy, my feet kept getting sucked into the muck and I couldn't push off the bank very well. I made a futile attempt to leap over the water and managed to clumsily fall into the mud on the other side. My left foot landed in the water and my hands slapped the mud on the bank. I sat there for a moment, my hands covered in mud and foot slowly getting wet until I decided I'd better climb out before I made matters worse. The damage wasn't really that bad... it turned out I only had a wet sock and the mud could easily be washed off my hands. Then Seth asked a question that made my ears prick up, "Does the mud smell bad?" "Uh I don't know, I can't smell anything, can you?" I said, holding my mud covered hand out for him to smell. Just as I'd planned, Seth leaned in to smell it and I bumped his nose. "What did you do that for?!" he said, shocked. For a moment I thought he might kill me... but I think I laughed hard enough that he somehow forgave me. I couldn't help it... I HAD to do it.

We fished for a short while with Jake's spin a lure and didn't catch anything. Then we switched to worms... throwing them out onto the ice and making them jump off into the open water. It didn't work either. We never did catch anything. We didn't see any fish though. I think they were too smart and were still hiding under the ice way over by the dam.

Drowning worms was still fun though. I think maybe it's my crappy fishing pole that makes me take it down a notch. That thing is a piece of junk. Ok, it's not that bad, but it really makes me mad sometimes because it goes all crazy and my line gets tangled up. But aside from that, bait fishing has become my go-to fishing method lately for the days when I just feel like relaxing. I can set up my fishing chair on the bank of a lake, throw a bubble and a worm on and just sit. The longer I go without catching a fish, the longer I get to look at the scenery and suck on a juice box. Not that I don't welcome the intermittent surprise of catching a fish...