Friday, May 22, 2009


So last weekend we went on yet ANOTHER adventure. Can you believe it? We've been trying to take advantage of the times when we have an extra long weekend. Plus, camping season is only so long (unless you want to freeze your butt off in the snow! Psht, yeah right).

We'd been wanting to get up to Scofield Reservoir as the ice was coming off because the fishing is supposed to be really good around that time. Unfortunately, the ice was already gone when we got there, but we still did ok.

Seth and I drove down to Scofield on Friday afternoon and found a camping spot way up on top of one of the hills in the national forest area. It was a huge area way back off the road surrounded by quakies and covered in bright green grass.

Oh yeah, the last time we were out camping we realized we needed another table for cooking. We only had one small table that would fit the stove, but nothing else. So, we stopped off at Cabelas on the way down and picked up a Camp Kitchen! We got a flier in the mail saying they were on sale so it was a great time to get one. It fits in the tent really well and isn't as wide as our other table so it saves room. Plus it comes with these shelves that are awesome for organizing all the cooking stuff. I forgot to take a picture of it, but this is the one we got. It folds up into a carrying bag too, so it doesn't take up tons of room.

Seth in his ghillie coat at Cabelas

So now we can use our other table to eat at! And while we're on the cooking tangent, last time we went camping I made pancakes, but I'd bought some Krusteaz Wheat & Honey pancake mix that you just add water to. It worked alright, but I wasn't super impressed with the taste. This time when I went shopping for camping food I found that Bisquick Shake 'n Pour pancake mix that comes in a plastic jug so all you have to do is add water to it and shake it up. It was SO much cleaner and easier and I didn't have to wash any dishes! It still isn't as good as homemade pancakes, but I liked it better than the Krusteaz stuff, it was cheap, and much better for camping. I also liked it because then you have somewhere to store the extra batter. One jug was enough for two days worth of breakfast and it was less than $2.

Ok enough with the cooking stuff. Seth's parents just happened to be down in Huntington that weekend visiting Daddy Hanson's parents so we thought it'd be fun to meet up with them. Mama Hanson ended up staying at the house with Grandma who wasn't feeling too well, but Daddy Hanson, Grandpa and Seth's Aunt Leslie all came out and met us on the East side of the lake. They weren't able to stay for very long, but it was nice to see them anyway.

Seth and I fished by ourselves for another hour or two until our friends, Ramona and Gabe came. They were only able to come for the day, but we had a lot of fun. On the East side of the lake we all caught at least one fish which we all let go. They were pretty small, no more than 10" at the biggest. And we managed to get checked by the Fish and Wildlife Officers, AGAIN. Just about every time we go out fishing with Ramona and Gabe we get checked. I think they're magnets for those guys. We were all legit though so they went away after checking all our licenses.

Gabe showing us how big his fish was.

We fished on the East side until about 4:00 and then decided to head over to the West side to cook up some food on Ramona's new grill. It was a pretty fancy little thing. Seems Cabelas sucked them in on their way down too. Anyway, those guys were nice enough to cook up some hamburgers and brats for all of us after which we took a long walk around a point to fish in a more secluded spot. We all caught a bunch of small pan size trout including a few rainbows, tiger trout, and cutthroat hybrids. We kept a few of them this time around which Seth and I ate for breakfast the next morning with our pancakes.

We saw some cool stuff while fishing over in that spot. Twice, a huge military cargo plane flew really low right over us. I don't know what they were doing, probably some sort of training, but it looked pretty awesome. And on our walk back to the cars we saw a fox running after some geese. He ran away and hid as soon as he saw us, but once we got back to the cars he came out again. Seth had his binoculars so we took turns passing them around to watch it.

On our drive back home the next morning, we took a bit of a detour off the highway in order to get to Strawberry Reservoir. The road wasn't marked very well and we must have made a wrong turn somewhere, because we never did make it. We weren't lost, per se, just weren't exactly on the road we wanted to be on. We ended up coming down Diamond Fork Canyon which was beautiful. We stopped half way down and had a picnic by the river and then thought we'd better break out our fly rods before the trip was over.

It was the first time I'd fished with my fly rod since winter was over and guess what?! I caught a fish! The first fly fish of the year. That story is probably going into my Fishing Blog, so I won't go into details, but that fish made me the happiest of all the fish I caught all weekend. And he was by far the smallest.

So it was a great trip. The weather was perfect for the whole time, not even windy or anything. It was great getting to hang out with Ramona and Gabe again because we don't get to see them as much anymore. Plus we caught some fish. Something that hasn't happened for a few months.


heidi said...

I'm so in love with how in love with each other and with fishing and with life YOU guys are!

Another blissful-sounding weekend and it sounds like you had a nice friends-bonding time! That pic of Gabe by the rocks measuring out his fish made me smile... and is breathtaking at the same time!

That table set-up is inSANE.

You looked so cute/great in your fishing clothes and I think Seth looked a little dangerous. Is he? Or, just to fish?

I'm... deeply disappointed you don't like Krusteaz! I grew up on KRUSTEAZ, daddy made it every Sat. with Oregon-brand canned blueberries or boysenberries mixed in. YUMMERS! Maybe it's an acquired taste, though. I have to admit, I am a sucker for Bisquick Bisquits. :D

I'm looking forward to your fishing story on your fishing blog! I think I should read those stories while in the mtns. if I can manage it! Maybe print 'em or somethin'.

I can't wait to learn to cast. You guys are bringing your equipmt, right? I mean, "gear."

I hope Gracie cat didn't miss you too much! Hopefully she's figured out, you always come back! So that she can continue to ignore you...

Happy trails! Whatever that means. Something good!