Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

The other day I got to wondering how long it'd been since I started this blog. And guess what? It just happened to be my one year blogiversary! (Isn't that the cutest word ever? I made it up myself.) So I thought I'd just do a quick post to acknowledge it.

Since last year a lot has happened. 70 posts worth to be exact. I originally started this as a way to write my life story. Although I do try to write things that would go into a typical life story, I've used this blog as a lot more than that. This has become a great outlet for me to express myself. I've used it as a sanity saver when times get a little slow and boring, and a way to tell everyone good news and fun stuff. It's my way of showing the world a side of me that not many people get to see at a glance. All of these things are a part of my life story. Writing about stupid things and cooking and adventures is all part of my Karen World. It all mushes together to make Me. And we all know there's much more to Me than just a sack full of memories. Or at least I hope you know that by now. And can you believe how my readership has grown?! I mean, I must be up to like 5 people! That's almost enough to get syndicated, right?

I hate the word "blog" but I can say that I've really enjoyed "blogging" much more than I thought I would. I wasn't really even sure exactly what a "blog" was when I started. I thought I'd write for a little while then get bored with it and quit, but looks like I was wrong. Thanks to everybody for reading this, it's part of what makes me like it so much. Getting comments and reading other people's blogs is one of my favorite things. So, if you have a blog, and you haven't commented on mine yet, I guarantee I'll start reading yours if you let me know you're there.

Thanks again everybody!



heidi said...

Oh, Karen!
You're so sweet! Happy Blogiversary!

I am so honored that you're willing to show your blog readership a side of you that "not many people get to see at a glance."

And I'm happy that you're so indulgent of my long rambling comments that often are only distantly related to the original post.

You make me want to start a blog just so I can have the fun of having you read it and comment! Only I'm too lazy. And it would cut into my commenting time.

I can't believe you wrote so many amazing stories in just a year! And, 70 posts is proof you're a good blog mistress. At least a post a week for your devoted readers.

Congrats, again, sweet Karen!

XO heidi

michael lamb said...
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