Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Look Just Like Your Mother

That's the line I've heard from friends and strangers alike my entire life. I always saw it as compliment and a secret one-up on my sisters. At least I looked like I belonged to the family. For all anybody else knew, they could be the mailman's kids or cousins visiting from Novascotia.

It's so funny to see so much of yourself in someone else. I think of my mom whenever I look at my pasty white legs or my poochy belly or my ski-jump nose. I even occasionally catch myself displaying her mannerisms like putting my hand on my hip when I brush my teeth or sighing a lot.

Today as I was trying to jog my brain and think of my favorite memories of Mom, I realized one thing: my mother showed she loved us by her generosity and service. All the memories I could think of were of my mom serving us in some way... making Sunday dinner, driving the carpool, taking us to doctor and dentist appointments, going to dance recitals and band recitals. She is always taking us out to eat and volunteering to do this or that... no matter how much of a pain and hassle it would be to her. She's always done a lot of the hard work and boring things so the rest of us could have fun. Looking back I finally realize how much she has sacrificed for her family. How much she does for us without much in return but a "Thanks, Mom."

The memories that stick with me most about Mom were from our one-on-one time. Back in my college days, we used to go out to lunch together at least once a week. I think we had a go-out-to-lunch day. It was back in my dating hey-days and I'd tell her all about my boy troubles and she'd listen to me and give me motherly advice. I think I kept my sanity because of her. I'm sure she just laughed to herself about all the dumb things I worried about. Listening to a young twentyish-year old girl that much should bump her up to sainthood. Not that she needed another reason to be considered for the position. She probably qualified for that over twenty years ago.

I want everyone to know how much I love and admire my mom. She's an incredibly smart, talented, loving person and I hope I can always make her proud to say she's my mom.

I stole this picture from my mom's Facebook page... I think it's actually a good picture of her. I'm pretty sure she took it with a webcam which always makes me smile for some reason. Not as professional as some of the other pics of her... but this one is more Mom.


It's Me said...

I agree. We have the best Mom ever. I even got all teary eyed reading this one. MOM! I LOVE YOU!

It's Me said...

P.S. What's wrong with Novascotia?

heidi said...

AW! This is so sweet! What a sweet daughter you are!