Monday, July 6, 2009

A Fool-Proof Way to Feel Rich and Powerful

So I thought I'd let you know about the best snack ever. I first had this snack at the salon where I get my hair cut. There's this chick there that periodically walks around the place holding a tray full of nut cups and frozen grapes to offer to the 'clients' as snacks to go with their cucumber water (hate flavored water by the way).

Anyway, I always look forward to getting my hair done so I can have my little cup of frozen grapes. It wasn't until the last time I went in that I thought "Hey! I could make these!" So I did! All you gotta do is get some grapes (I use the red grapes), wash them, pull them off the stems and throw them all into a zip lock bag and freeze for a couple hours!

They taste so good and they're healthy and they are awesome on hot summer days. Plus because they're frozen it forces you to eat them slowly and enjoy them one by one. I like to put mine in a fancy stemmed glass when I eat them. It makes me feel rich and powerful, even when I'm sitting in my loungy pants watching tv.


heidi said...

I LOVE that snack! My day care babysitter, from when we were really young, made those. The kids all adored them. Haven't had them in forever.

Happy Anniversary, by the way! Hopefully you got to celebrate with more than frozen fruit? Like, fancy cheese or a cake of some kind or somethin'? Some fresh-caught fish?

Best wishes.


Allison Claire said...

That looks good AND fancy. I'm gonna try it!