Friday, July 31, 2009

Today's Special: July 26-Aug. 1st

Sunday: My birthday dinner! Mom made me crockpot roastbeef with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed garden veggies. She also made these rolls. Annie made me an Eclair Cake... delicious! Oh, and lest I seem ungrateful, Dad supplied me with some Dr. Pepper. :)

Monday: Linguine with Pesto Sauce (yes, the stuff in a jar)

Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff

Wednesday: Tex Mex Pasta Casserole This was really good, especially because I used the new cast iron skillet Heidi & Paul gave me to make it!

Thursday: I ate some leftovers from yesterday and forgot to make something for Seth tomorrow so he's going to have to eat some frozen burritos or pick up some Subways. I'm a terrible wife. He's probably going to beat me.

Friday: Southwest Chicken Black Bean Soup This is a new recipe. I accidentally opened a can of crushed tomatoes instead of whole tomatoes the other day making the Tex Mex casserole so I gotta use it up!

Saturday: Steaks with Potato Salad and Fruit & Cream Layered Salad


heidi said...

I'm so jealous of the Eclair Cake, and Fruit and Cream layered salad!

And so pleased you found a recipe to make in the cast iron skillet! I hope it performed well. I have to admit--I was a Cast Iron Doubter, once. But I make Boca Burgers in nothing else, now.