Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Finally Did It!

Today I finally ran 3.2 miles without stopping. Yes my friends, that's 5k. I did it. In 31 minutes 17 seconds no less. I'd say that's pretty damn good. Although, I would suggest not running on garbage day. It was a little smelly out there. And the goats were back in the field on the corner of Church St. and Antelope Dr. I'm pretty sure I heard them cheering me on.

As a somewhat related side-note... have you ever tried smiling while you're working out? There's this girl named Tawyna on my stability ball workout. She wears her hair in braids and has a toothy smile the whole time. I decided to try it once. I felt ridiculous. It's just not natural.


Allison Claire said...

That is awesome! I remember how happy I was to run 3 miles without stopping, now for the half-marathon Karen, you can do it. :) (by the way, I would totally have to work up to running 3 miles in row again, that endurance leaves fast!)

Abe said...

Oh no. You've reminded me of how I've been SLACKING lately. Haven't run more than 2 1/2 miles. I need to pick up the pace or you're going to show me up at that Ogden Family "fun" run.

Abe said...

Oops! I was signed in as Abe. But it was me, Rachel, who made the above comment. Stop.

Denise said...

I'm impressed. If I ride my bike three miles I think I'm doing well. It's nice to know my daughters have such motivation! Good luck on run day!

heidi said...

HOORAY for YOU! And, I was SO IMPRESSED Abe left a comment for you! I'd never seen an Abe comment... maybe a long while ago, on Rach's blog. Sad to discover it wasn't so.

Sweet the way your fam & friends be cheerin' you on! You go girl!