Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maybe it was the Grape Nuts?

I've been stuck on a training schedule of running for 5 minutes and walking for 2 for the last two weeks. With vacations and such I haven't been able to stick to my regular training schedule, so I've fallen behind a bit.

Last night I figured I'd be in for my third week of the 5 minute run segments. Which is no big deal, really. I mean, I've still got about 8 weeks left which is how long I trained last time I did a 5k. So in all reality, I'm ahead of the game. Back to the story.

When I first started running last night I felt a bit weaker than in past runs. I figured I'd barely make it to five minutes like usual. But at the five minute mark, all of a sudden I felt pretty good. Maybe I could try running just a little longer... I felt like I'd gotten a second wind, my legs were in a rhythm, my breathing was steady. I ran for 9 minutes. Then I walked for just under 2 minutes, and then I ran again. For 17 minutes! It was amazing! I couldn't believe it.

Maybe it was the playlist on my ipod, maybe it was because I was running at twilight, maybe it was the bowl of Grape Nuts cereal I had for dinner. Who knows. But somehow I finally felt like a real runner. I had my breakthrough. I hope it sticks around.

In order to keep up my new found running skills, I want to do everything in my power to stay motivated during my runs. For me running is very mental. Music plays a huge part in how long and how well I run. I have a special running playlist on my ipod, but quite honestly, it kind of sucks. I put songs on there that I imagined would motivate me and would be enjoyable to run to, but I find myself skipping over a lot of songs because they aren't quite right.

So I ask you, my dear readers, what's on your playlist? For those of you that are training with me, what are your favorite songs to listen to when you run? For everyone else, what songs pump you up and give you more energy when you work out? I need some help here! Back in the day I was known as Mix Master-K, but I'm not as hip as I used to be I suppose. Or maybe I am, but not when it comes to workout music. To get your brains moving I'll offer up a few of my favorite running songs:

Canned Heat by Jamiroquai (you know, the song Napolean Dynamite dances to)
Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
The Enemy Guns by Devotchka
Jerusalem by Neil Diamond
Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (Footloose is also a good one)


Rachel said...

Last night I had an AWESOME run, and I attribute it wholly to the fact that I was listening to U2's Best of the 90s. Like I told Nick,listening to U2 and running is a spiritual experience.

Paul said...

Uh oh. Music is solidly in my wheel-house. Brace yourself, this is gonna take a while.

For serious workouts you need equally serious music. A short playlist:
Clutch - Burning Beard
Dinosaur Jr - Little Furry Things
Fugazi - Repeater
Rage Against the Machine - Killing on the Name of
Rancid - TimeBomb
Rollins Band - Starve
And cool down with
the Ramones - I Wanna be Sedated.

For running, spinning etc:
Wilco - I Got You
the Fall - Put Away
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
James Brown - Get on the Good Foot
Beastie Boys - Live Wire
And end with
U2 - In the Name of Love (it's pretty uplifting).


Karen said...

Great ideas! Thanks to you guys I spent over 2 hours adding new music to my ipod... and I'm not even done yet!

heidi said...

What's a "wheel-house", and how come my own husband of zillions of years has one, and I've never heard of it?

I often put on Janis Joplin to get pumped up. Glad Paul and his crazy "wheelhouse" had more suggestions. Sounds like I need to experience running and U2! Don't have an ipod, though... Hmm. Maybe should crack out the old CD player and bring it along, if I can...

My bets are on the Grape Nuts. They're delish! (Paul told me he thought that was a really cute detail.)
:D heidi