Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Words

This week I'm supposed to run for 20-30 minutes straight. Don't know how I'm gonna manage that. I'm probably gonna die. It was nice knowing you all. I'd like to be buried holding my fly rod and please sprinkle some Grape Nuts around the casket to keep the insects away as long as possible. Throw in a can of Dr. Pepper too just in case I get lost on my way to the afterlife and get thirsty. I'll try to write.


Budsly said...

Whatever, I know you can run for that long; I've seen you do it. Maybe with a minute rest, but that's not much.

Just in case you can't, I'll bring a six pack:)

heidi said...

You cute thing! Adorable post.

You're right--running is gruesome. No idea why I ever do it.

So pumped for the big race. I've decided, I'm gonna do it for sure. Though I'm leaning towards biking 5K (to improve my time, and lessen the impact on my poor knees), then eating Grape Nuts in honor of you.

:D Heidi

It's Me said...

It was nice knowing you! You've always been my favorite sister...(Annie doesn't read this does she?)