Monday, July 20, 2009

Today's Special: July 19th-25th

I've been pretty lazy and haven't done very well with the meal planning these last couple weeks. I blame it on the running. In case you're interested, these were two new recipes I made that turned out pretty good, especially the pasta: Spaghetti with Creamy Spinach and Tarragon and Bestest Hamburger Soup

Sunday: Quick and Easy Chicken Enchiladas (Seth wanted to learn how to make these and even HE said they were easy... I also gave him a pressure cooker lesson as a bonus!)

Monday: Chicken, Shrimp and Andouille Jambalaya This is good but very spicy... if you've got kids to feed, you may want to use summer sausage or something instead of the andouille... it's got a bit of a kick to it!

Tuesday: Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce (I make my gyros with Greek pitas, souvlaki from Sniders Family Meats, tomatoes, red onions, & feta cheese)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Mediterranean Turkey Wraps (deli turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, cucumbers wrapped up in a tortilla)

Friday: Probably hot dogs and Mountain Dew

Saturday: Sloppy Joes (somebody else will be making these, but when I make sloppy joes, I use this recipe)


heidi said...

I've been dying to mention... I finally tried the Asian Noodles and Peanut Sauce recipe you mentioned forever ago... And it turned out wonderfully! I made it with linguine, as you suggested, (and added extra veggies), and, we just SLURPED it up! I am now officially addicted to linguine.

I also must announce that I am... a CULINARY GENIUS!! Last week, we got a big load of organic, local produce delivered to our house through this special service... which we've been doing for awhile... but this load of produce was special. Or at least, so it seemed--because I got seriously INSPIRED. Maybe it wasn't the produce so much as being SURROUNDED by people (you, Paul) who love to cook, and, just not being able to resist joining in any longer. I made--in the SAME NIGHT--a special new appetizer (fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzerella piled one on top of the other in one delicious "sandwich"), a special new potato dish (with onions and TURNIPS and Thai hot sauce and chili powder) and a special new main dish (angel hair mixed with whole wheat thin spaghetti, yellow squash, sausage cooked in leftover olive oil that fish had been cooked in, and, MORE mozzarella cut into little surprise clumps, and, more fresh basil).

I MADE EVERY SINGLE DISH UP ALL ON MY OWN--WITH JUST WHAT WE HAD ON HAND, USING UP THE LOADS OF FRESH PRODUCE WE HAD--AND, IT WAS TOTALLY DELISH! And Paul didn't have to make his lunch to bring to work the next day, there was so much food!

Amazing, huh?! Just wanted you to know your enthusiasm has proved to be contagious. While I was making this grand meal, I periodically kept thinking how proud you'd be of me! :D


heidi said...

p.s. It just struck me that you might be interested to know a little detail about the potato dish (which was basically fried potatoes and onions). Paul has a tremendously awesome technique for frying potatoes without them sticking--a technique which was so successful, his sister called up early one morning to consult with him about it as she was cooking up a breakfast for friends--a technique he found on your beloved... America's Test Kitchen! (The tip is, to cut the potatoes and then bring them to boiling, in water, and then drain them and start frying before they cool. There's some physics reason why boiling them makes it so they don't stick. But of course you probably already do this since you're a more attentive ATK viewer than Paulie is!)

Anyway, just a little tidbit I hoped you'd like.