Monday, July 27, 2009

Heinz 57

Last weekend Seth and I got to go fishing with some friends of ours. Ramona and her boyfriend, Gabe invited us to go with them up to Washington Lake in the Uintas. We were actually just in that area a couple weeks ago for our backpacking trip, so we were excited to get to go back so soon.

Our fishing route

I called this post Heinz 57 because that's what Seth and I have taken to calling lakes that have a lot of different kinds of fish. Washington Lake was definitely a Heinz 57. I ended up catching Rainbows, Brookies, Tiger trout, and Grayling and there were also some albino Rainbows in there as well. It was pretty cool.

Seth and I mainly used flies including: Royal Wulff, Madame X and beetles. The beetle was definitely the super fly of the day. It's what I hooked the Grayling on (my first Grayling ever!). Ramona and Gabe used what we call "the Bling," which is a gold or silver Jake's spin-a-lure with red dots.

We ended up hiking to a couple other lakes and catching a few more fish, but none of them were as good as Washington. Seth and I even hiked up to Rock Lake and Azure Lake hoping to find some bigger fish, but to no avail. All we found was a giant boulder field and mosquitoes. At least there weren't any salamanders.

My biggest fish of the day, a Tiger trout... who proceeded to break off the line with my last Madame X.

Seth showed me his amazing fly casting skills and caught this little guy at least 20 yards out.

Seth with an albino Rainbow at Washington Lake

We took a break and grilled up some hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch before heading back out. Ramona was the designated griller.

Ramona and Gabe

Gabe's brother, Darren with the spoils. I think this was Shadow Lake.

Boulder field around Rock Lake (aptly named)

Azure Lake... there were a few mosquitoes...


Seth said...

Nice job sweetie... and I really love that picture of you with your tiger trout dangling and your hair blowing in the wind! Thats one for the ages... :-)

heidi said...

I've got a Random Assortment of Comments....

First, about that one picture, I agree with Seth! You look like the soul of Fishing Joy and Beauty. Also, you look totally ADORABLE in the mosquito hood. (I need one of those for my whole body. Camping last weekend, I got approximately TWENTY bites. I must be delicious. Maybe my apple-like-cheeks make me seem so?)

Second... Is your hair different? I really like the length.

And, Final Random Comment: Ramona and Gabe look so laid back! Must be fun to hang out with.

Take care! It's really fun reading about your Frolicking & Fishing.

XO --Heidi